10 SURE WEBSITES THAT WILL PAY YOU TO WRITE FOR THEMToday, i’ll be exposing you to my top 10 sure websites that will pay you to write for them and you start living more confortable than before but . . .

If you’re a writer and you’re looking for how to monetize your skill online, how to make cool money writing for bloggers and website owner, you’re in a right channel to learn the techniques.

This is the work I’ve been doing since my first year in the university. Writing for website and earn cash in return is a good idea for students, bloggers, even unemployed graduate/youth.

Many people think its only on freelancer websites you can make money with this type of skill which is totally wrong. Though there are some freelancing websites like upwork,freelancer,fivvr, e.t.c that allow you to connect with clients in need of your skill but not as simple as the one I’m going to show you today.

I must confess!

Writing to engage and persuade is tough.
To be a lucrative lazy entrepreneur online, you have to be creative.

You won’t be creative if you don’t write well. And for you to have a perfect writing, you wouldn’t want to miss these.

Can I shock you?
You don’t need to be a professional at all. Many wealthy online entrepreneurs publishing contents out there are as well lazy. What you just need to do is more research on the niche you are offer a writing job.

In fact, some are ignorant of how to improve their writing skills.
To such extent that you are more oriented than they are. The only difference between you both is – they experienced more.

If your website(for instance) suffers from rich contents, you could be losing big time, money and energy. Your blog stands a high chance to fail if you don’t add enough Maggi sauce to Content Marketing.

Now the benefit behind this is that your articles are being exposed to the world, they give you full by-line and a link to your own website, so that any interested parties can see more of your writing and contact you directly.

To be successful in the Online Marketing, you have to go deeper from mere accurate content to a persuasive content.

And to get that, check out my Top 10 sure websites that pay fast money :


  1. Travelista Club Team
  2. American College of Healthcare Sciences
  4. Funds For Writers
  5. Cooking Detective
  6. The Graphic Design School
  7. Parents.com
  8. Make a living writing
  9. The Change Agent 
  10. Sitepoint

Let’s look at them all one after the other.

Travelista Club Team

Travel ista is one of the best website on the internet to showcase your writing skill. Its an Australian Website but open for all countries.

With travelista you don’t need to be a professional writers before you can start, because they will give you a well detail tutorial.

Niche: Travel

Though as stated on their website; You do not need to be an international traveller – you can write about local places in your region, or about your home town.

Pay & Payment type: They pay $40 per hour. While you need PayPal to receive payment.

How And When Do I Get Paid?

All payments are sent via PayPal on Friday at ~6pm Australian Eastern time (UTC+10)

Now to Get Started, Click here

American College of Healthcare Sciences

If you’re from America this is an opportunity for you to join Achs. They only accept guest post from American most especially Achs graduate, staff, and students.

Niche: Health related topics

Pay & Payment type: They pay $50- $100 for every accepted article. Payments are receive with PayPal, payoneer.

How to get started? Click here now to join


This website accept post many niche like your personal story, stories about friends, dating etc. They want article ranging from 850 words and above.

Pay & Payment type: They pay $100 per story.

I know you’d like to join this amazing stuff right? Now click here to submit a story and earn your first $100.

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Funds For Writers

Funds for writers is a website design to help writing practical approach and to expose writers to many different ways to make cool cash with their skill.

They pay $45 – $50 per article, ranging from 1000 words above

Niche: Writing

Payment type : PayPal and Cheque.

To get start with this websites that will pay you to write for them. Click here

Cooking Detective

Cooking detective is a website designed mainly to help people on Healthy recipes, nutrition tips, entertaining menus, fitness guides, buying guides, reviews of cooking courses and kitchen appliances.

They constantly publish informative articles, useful tips, how-to guide, expert interviews, experts round-up, and product reviews.

Pay & Payment type: Extended guides pay $150-$250, depending on the topic. Articles pay $50-$75. They pay you with PayPal and payoneer.

To get start with this websites that will pay you to write for them. Click here

The Graphic Design School

The graphics design school is a website designed mainly flor those passionate to learn Graphics design online. By this, they accept guest post from writers to feed their readers and in returned, they pay you for the job.

Niche: Graphics design content developer.

Pay & Payment method: They pay $100 – $250 for every accepted article. PayPal and cheque.

Click here to start working with this websites that will pay you to write for them


Parents.com is a website on parenting guide. Its a very popular website on the internet. They pay very high for every guest post accepted. Apart from earning money, you gain more blog readers and chances are bright that you could connect with third parties that would need your service.

Niche: Patenting

Pay: They pay $1.75 per word. That means 100 words they pay you $175. That’s great.

To join this, click here.

Make a living writing

Make a living writing is another website i personally have benefited from. This website is extremely great, that pay good amount of money for every accepted article on money making niche.

Pay & Payment Payment method: They pay you $50 – $100 for every accepted 1000 words and above article you submitted.

To join click here

The Change Agent 

The change Agent is a website designed for Adulthood. To elaborate more on adult education. Currently they are paying people who can write up to 450 – 1000 on this niche.

Niche: Adult Education

Pay and payment type: They pay a flat rate of $50 for every accepted article no matter how long the article, the payment is still the same so far its accepted.

Click here to submit your first article and earn cash online


Site point has gone so far online when comes to web development article. They have a wide range of site readers and all their articles are well developed with simple grammar.

Good news is that of you’re a web developer you can join the race and start feeding them with your talents while you’re being paid in return.

Niche: web development

Pay and payment method: They pay $100 for every accepted article of 1500 and above. You get paid with your PayPal.


My own advise is that you should endeavor to read rules and regulations if each websites listed above before submitting article. Because some people go on to submit Entertainment article on a website that strictly based on web development or graphics design. Can such an article be accepted?

Definitely No. So you need to be careful.

Also as you can see, most of the websites above required a PayPal account. If you’re from a country like Nigeria, South africa, Ghana etc that PayPal don’t allow you to withdraw cash from your account you can chat me to get you affordable PayPal acc.

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