4 Best Business Ideas With Low Investment to Startup

Today, I’ll be exposing 4 business ideas with low investment to startup that you can consider starting up in 2019.

Starting a business sometimes can quite expensive, the major reason why many people chose not to start a business

these days is because of the investment required.

Nonetheless, starting a business with low investment is very achievable and it’s done every day.

4 Business Ideas With Low Investment To Startup

    1. Dropshipping Business
    2. Digital Marketing Agency
    3. T-shirt Printing & Selling
    4. Blogging



Dropshipping Business

When it comes to business Ideas With Low Investment, dropshipping is the first thing that comes to mind.

The start-up investment for dropshipping is the lowest on this list, it does depend though.

Dropshipping business can be started at larger scales which inherently means, more startup investment.

The main reason people start dropshipping businesses though is due to it being very scalable, you don’t need to spend money running it (Except you plan on using paid advertising).


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Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is simply any form of product or brand promotion done digitally (using an online medium).

It’s a skill that you learn and can easily turn into a business (A Digital Marketing Agency).

Starting an agency requires low investment and running it is just the same.

Once a company requires your digital marketing services, they pay you the funds that you need to run each promotion. So in reality, you don’t actually need any form of capital or investment to start this up, just acquire the skill and that’s all.




T-shirt Printing & Selling

Another low investment business you can try is printing designs on T-shirts.

If you know how to design logos or trendy writeups then you could as well turn this into a full-time gig.

The reason this business requires little investment to startup is that, before printing anything, you get paid.

You could basically start this business overnight as it doesn’t require much initial investment.


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Blogging is the number 1 source of income in Nigeria for those who are gifted with knowledge in writing articles.

You can start Blogging with low investment & over time it’ll grow.

With as little as N10,000, you can set up a standard blog for a specific niche (Entertainment, E-commerce, Jobs, etc.) and make serious cash over the years.

We can setup your preferred blog for you at an affordable price. Kindly contact us now!

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