4 Money Saving Tips for buying good belts for men

When it comes to buying good belts, most men just settle for what looks attractive or simply affordable, this may work for some but if your like most guys and need a good guide to buying the perfect belt, then this article is for you.

Today am going to be sharing with you 4 money saving tips for buying good belts for men.



1. The Color


This is the first thing to look out for when buying belts specially if your planning to save some extra cash, i had this friend once who went online and found a belt he liked and ordered for it right away.
after he received the delivery, he asked me for my honest opinion about the new belt.

Now i found nothing wrong about the belt, it had a sleek design and was made with a nice material except it was “RED”. When I say red i don’t mean a darker shade, literally “RED” and why i didn’t like this is because Red in this time and age isn’t considered a versatile color.

Even if he wanted a red belt, a darker shade of red would have been ok, the general rule is to avoid bright primary colors or shouting colors except in few cases when your “Dressing to match” which is something else entirely.




The safest and most common belt colors that blends well with most clothing are “Black and Brown” no doubt, even if you wanted to go for another color just make sure its a darker shade of it. Wearing a brown belt will instantly add that mature and classic touch to what ever outfit your opting for so its better to always cover these two before adding additional belts to your wardrobe.

2. Width, Length and Thickness.

These 3 attributes are all pointing to one thing, Size. The size of your belt should match your kind of outfit, for formal outfits a slimmer and less thicker belt would be your best be(l)t, while if your going for that badass street wear then something more thicker would do.

If you’ve observed, formal trousers normally have less wider loops/hooks when compared to Jean or other street wear trousers, this single difference proves my point.

3. Material

When it comes to belts, the first thing that comes to mind is “Leather”, leather is a very common material and each one variant offers different qualities and also cons, some last longer than others while some just looks good for the first 3 weeks.

Apart from Leather, there are other materials used to make belts that offer same aesthetic feel of leather i.e “Skin”.

Skin belts are more expensive but will last 10 times more than any regular leather belt would, i’d suggest having atleast one skin belt in your wardrobe for casual & street wear, then at least two leather belts for formal wear only.

4. Branding

Wow, is that the new belt Gucci just launched? the one that costs over $800?, 3 months later the trend fades and your left with an expensive belt with Zero value.

When it comes to trends you’d want to be really careful, just because a belt is trendy doesn’t mean you should buy it, above everything else your first priority is making sure you have your basics covered.

Instead of going for that $800 belt why not save up and invest in classic pieces that will still look pretty decent 2 – 3 years from today?.

in some cases like for a re-union party you would want to go all out and spend on such trendy pieces but for the normal days and events just go with something simple that will last for a long time.

I hope you enjoyed this article and with these few tips your able to save at least a couple bucks when buying your next belt, i also had troubles buying belts before but i got better over time and these tips helped me just as much, thanks for reading and have a nice day.


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