6 Ways to Receive Money from Abroad in Nigeria 2019

The world as you know it is referred to as a “Global Market”, these days making money is no longer limited to the borders on Nigeria which is why it is important to learn about foreign currencies and how to receive them in Nigeria once paid.

Today am going to be giving you 6 ways to Receive Money from Abroad in Nigeria in case you ever run into a need for it.


6 ways to Receive Money from Abroad in Nigeria

  1. Western Union
  2. MoneyGram
  3. PayPal
  4. Payoneer
  5. TransferWise
  6. WorldRemit

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1. Western Union

How To Fill Western Union Receive Teller [Photo]

Starting from the most popular and most used service of all time, western union is number 1 when it comes to receiving money in Nigeria from abroad. In fact, it is the easiest means so far as it offers 3 ways to receive money in Nigeria.

    • Via Cash Receipt – To receive money through western union cash receipt you must have a valid National ID card and your Tracking Number for verification purposes, those are the only two requirements for receiving  money with cash receipt.
      Once you have them you just have to simply visit the closes Western Union Agent anywhere around your place, they have many branches all around Nigeria.
    • Western Union Prepaid Card – This acts as an ATM with which you can load your Money transfer into either by calling the number on the card or by Login in online at Western Union Website.
    • Wire/Bank Transfer – The last way to receive money is via direct transfer to your normal bank account which can withdrawn like normal cash.


2. MoneyGram

6 Ways to Receive Money from Abroad in Nigeria 2019

Apart from Western Union another good alternative is MoneyGram which is just like Western Union in many ways.

Once a customer sends you money via MoneyGram all that’s left for you to receive it is to visit the nearest MoneyGram Agent with the following Requirements:

  • Your Reference Number
  • National ID Card

After Providing these two requirements, you’ll be given a Receiver Completion form to fill which is just basic information before the money is handed over to you.

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3. PауPаl

6 Ways to Receive Money from Abroad in Nigeria 2019

Though Nigeria has officially been banned from receiving money via PayPal, it is still very possible to do so but using the 3rd party Services I’ve listed Here. After receiving money in your PayPal account, you can transfer to other 3rd party services and withdraw using the method that service.


4. Payoneer

Just like the other payment systems, Payoneer allows Nigerian to receive money from anywhere in the world. To receive moeny you need to open an account with them after which you will be given a Payoneer MasterCard that can can be used anywhere in the world to withdraw your funds.



5. TransferWise

6 Ways to Receive Money from Abroad in Nigeria 2019

Receiving money from TransferWise is easy and straight forward, after the person abroad transfers the money via TransferWise all that’s need is to visit their website and fill out a form.

If the money was sent via Credit card then you will receive almost instantly but if its a bank transfer, it takes some days to process.

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6. WorldRemit

6 Ways to Receive Money from Abroad in Nigeria 2019

WorldRemit acts as an intermediary between you and the person sending the money from abroad, they charge a small fee for each transaction and the money is sent to your bank account almost immediately.


So that’s it for my List, their are many other services but these are the best of them all in Nigeria so far.

Thanks For Reading.


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