A Nigerian lady narrates how she was beaten up, stripped in public by a Keke driver

A Nigerian lady

A Nigerian lady, Toluwalope took to Facebook to share her alleged ordeal in the hands of a Keke driver recently.

Posting photos of herself after the alleged attack, she wrote;

“For the very first time in my life I was physically assaulted by a man yesterday in public . A keke driver who got mad because I insisted he drops me at my bus stop, give me my money or put me in another keke or even take me back to where he dropped me.

keke driver who stripped me in public because he could.

You know what, nothing will be done to him. He would walk a free man today because he’s in Nigeria where criminals roam free free. (It doesn’t matter that I can identify him and that I took the keke from a park, it doesn’t matter that people saw him assault me, it doesn’t matter ) Where people ask that we forgive and forget and leave it to God.

I’ve never felt this much hate for a person. I’ve never ever felt the urge to inflict pain on one person like I feel right now.

I can’t even sleep well as I have nightmares already. This place will break you. These animals do these things because they can and nothing, absolutely nothing will be done about it. And please don’t tell me God is preparing me for something. Don’t!”

Toluwalope revealed that after she shared the post, some women rallied around her and after series of enquries and police report, the Keke driver was found. Read the rest below:

“I knew sharing my frustration on the group would make me feel better due to comforting words but never did I expect the kind of love I received even beyond Facebook.

Sister Kezie Vivian and Sis Opeyemi Iyiola showed up, when they offered help, I didn’t believe they will go this far.

Sister Vivian showed up even with her baby. This touched me greatly.

I could be very shy and I knew I couldn’t go to the police station to make a report myself. Sis Vivian promised to go with me. I got to the station before her, met a police woman, narratedy ordeal how the keke guy beat me up and left me with injuries and she legit asked, ‘so what do you expecr us to do? ‘ My spirit sank and I felt this would be a waste of time till Sis Vivian came in and turned it all around. I was listened to.

Sis Vivian then followed me to the park where I took the keke from. We planned on hanging around without saying anything hoping to find him, enter his keke, make him drop us close to the station where he’ll be arrested.

We stayed for hours and he didn’t show up.

I went back on Saturday night and spoke to a lady who sold at the park, she was mad and asked why I didn’t talk when I came on Friday with my Sis Vivian. She said she saw when it all happened. She could als identify the guy. On Sunday, he didn’t show up too.

On Monday, I went back with Sis Vivian. The keke guy wasn’t at work again. He obviously knew what he had done and stopped coming to work. The chairman of the park asked one of them to go and look for him wherever he was and bring him. They brought him to us.

We were taken to the keke head office at the area as they said they had to make a complaint to the union too. As soon as we got there and the complaint was made, they started beating him. I didn’t asked that they beat him I only wanted him arrested but they did anyway.

He knelt at my feet begging.

Unfortunately, the keke wasn’t his and it was only given to him to do business with, to remit daily. He had failed to remit for days. The keke was seized.

Guy wasn’t arrested in the end but I found closure. I’m glad I didnt just sit at home crying without sharing what happened because I planned on saying nothing to anyone.

I’m glad those people at the park didn’t cover him up but exposed him. I’m glad.

And I’m glad I’m a part of this group. I remember I and sister Vivian telling them when they kept begging us not to involve the police that it was not in our hands as our sisters group, Female in Nigeria is aware about this and we are representing them. The head of the council legit said he knows the group and that we should beg them.

Finsters came through for me. More were willing to get involved but I couldn’t carry all along.
Just imagine if I had showed up at the keke park with 30 frowning sisters.

First picture is the night I got beaten, second is with SIS Kezie Vivian on Friday when she accompanied me to the keke park.”

A Nigerian Lady image source : Facebook

image source : Facebook.

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