Affiliate Marketing Without A Website – Make Your First $500

Have you ever think of starting up affiliate marketing without a website? I mean without having a blog setup first.

You’ve been searching for a way to make legit money online but all the result you are seeing seems not suit your taste as almost every articles on Google talks about having a blog.

But fortunately you came across affiliate marketing and you have been convinced by many writers and you thought about giving it a try.

Unknowingly you found it so hard to earn on affiliate marketing without owning your website.

You thought about doing more research and this article came your way, the headline inspired you to click here and read about it, good.

You know we are in the world of technology where some smart people makes thousands dollar per month on the internet.

There’s something called affiliate marketing , this has erupt for so long but most don’t count this as a means of earning cash online.

As earlier described in our previous article, affiliate marketing is a way you can make money online by either referring people to participate in the affiliate program or by recommending their product to your audience.

But while affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online, many individuals are left out simply because they don’t own a blog.

This is unfortunate, as many affiliate programs only accept bloggers with a decent amount of traffic to join their affiliate programs.

So today I will only talk about those affiliate program you can join that don’t requires owning your website. Also I will give you extra bonus on how to promote your affiliate link for free on the internet which gives you a chance to earn more.

You don’t own a blog ? Good, but would still like to make money from affiliate marketing.

In this post i will reveal to you 2 of the best affiliate programs in Nigeria you can join and make up to $500 monthly, even without a website and the bonus comes together.

Here are the two affiliate marketing without a website you should start that I guarantee you $500 on a monthly basis if properly planned.

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  2. Adfly

Now, let’s look at it one after the other.


Affiliate marketing without a website

This is an affiliate program where you can earn cash online by sharing out a link. This quietly work if you’re fans of news.

After you’ve read your news on any of your preferred website copy the news link and paste it to your account and within some seconds they will generate a link for you in which you share out on social media like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, linkedIn and you get $5 for every 100 click on your links. 

How to register

For registration you can CLICK HERE and make sure you complete your registration, they will send you a verification link to the email you drop with them make sure you click on it before start generating your paid link.

Extra bonu

Apart from the link you share out on social media, you can also join their referral program and invite your friends. Anytime you refer people you get %20 of their earnings which doesn’t affect your friend earnings as well.

How to generate more people through referral link

This is also part of the extra bonus we promise to give you, you can generate more people to participate on by writing small articles about and share it out with people.

Despite the fact that this type of affiliate marketing without a website is rare out there, you can still generate more traffic when you plan it well.

An example is to write a well detail information about this stuff and submit it to any online forum you know and if you can write very well, you could get upto 100 participatant in a day.

Affiliate marketing without a website

NairalandWarrior forumLinkedIn

2). Adfly

Affiliate marketing without a website

Just like, adfly also work well if you don’t have a website. is another URL shortening service on the internet.

With it, you can also shorten your links and earn money whenever people click them to read the content. It work as, instead of just sharing links for free on the internet, you can first shorten them on their website before posting them.

When a person click on the link to read the news, they’d first be presented with an advert before they see the content, and for every advert they’re shown, you’ll get paid.

How to Register

Adfly registration is not something hard, its so straight forward and easy to understand. You can click on this link to register.

Extra bonus

You get paid for every referral you made. It has affiliate program for the user where you invite people to join and you earn a referral bonus.

How To Monetize this affiliate marketing without a website

This is also part of the bonus (jara). You can make use of social media like Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp LinkedIn and any other social media you know you can get a good traffic from.

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Withdrawal Methods for affiliate marketing without having a website

For withdrawal methods, you may use PayPal or payooner. But I’ll recommend payooner for you because it is very easy to use.

Unlike PayPal that’s restricted for Nigerians to use, payooner will open foreign account for you and still ship your atm card come for you.

Click here to open payooner account 

So for they pay every 10th of the month with a minimum pay out of $5

Conclusion on Affiliate marketing without a website

Can you now see that with the use of social media it is easy to make money doing affiliate marketing without a website. But the things just require time and focus.

Always dream high so at the end of the month you’d take home nothing less than $500.

What are your thoughts on this great article on affiliate marketing without a website? Don’t forget to share out to friends and family.

Thanks for reading,  if there’s any questions kindly scroll down to table your question. 

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