Apple Watch Series 3 Review: Next best value in tech?

Apple Watch Series 3 in 2019: Design & Display

Apple Watch Series 3 was the last to bear the original design. By that, I mean the displays are slightly smaller, the bezels slightly bigger, the capsule of the casing not quite as flat feeling or sleek looking.

But, strap it on and light it up, and instantly it still looks pure sci-fi. Even if it’s a little retro sci-fi now compared to the latest models.

It still comes in two sizes, which is great for people with both smaller and bigger wrists… and display needs. The smaller is 242 by 360 resolution at 38mm and the large, 312 by 390 resolution at 42mm.

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Apple Watch Series 3 in 2019: Health and Fitness

Apple Watch Series 3 has most of the same health and fitness features as the Series 5. That includes activity rings, so you can keep up with meeting or exceeding your stand, movement, and exercise goals every day.

The coaching and encouragement mechanisms have gotten better and better over time but the simple, satisfying nature of seeing those rings close towards the end of the day.

The Series 3 is also properly water-proof to 50mm, so you can track all your swims, as well as walks, runs, cycles, wheels, all of that. And it’s got a biometric altimeter to measure elevation for your stairs, hikes, and climbs, and an optical heart rate sensor, not only for accurate calorie counts, but for low, high, and irregular heart rate notifications.

Apple Watch Series 3 in 2019: Power & Performance

Beyond the cool faces and features, the Apple Watch is a full-on wrist computer. It can run all the apps in the Apple Watch Store, and it has some cutting-edge silicon inside. Yeah, silicon. In a watch.

image source : imore

There’s an S3 system-in-package, which is like a whole computer in a chip. It’s dual-core and 70 percent faster than the previous generation S2. It also enables voice-activated Siri.

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Source : imore

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