Barbing Salon Business Plan (How To Start & Make Over N400k Monthly)

In this guide, I’ve provided you with barbing salon business plan pdf to start your professional barbing salon business in Nigeria, Ghana, S/Africa.

Do you wish to start your own Both hairdressing salon and barbing salon and you don’t know how to go about it.

Just before you download the PDF / eBook file, I’ll like to dive into feasibility analysis and what you should consider before starting your barbershop.

What Is Barbing Salon?

Salon generally is a place where both men and women make their hairdo, fix nails, makeup, clean face, and shaving of beards.

While Barbing salon is the process whereby a well-qualified barber operates, to barb off human’s hair in return for money.

How to start Barbing Salon Business?

Barbing salon business plan pdf

If your intention is to start this barbing salon business, never worry about anything else because in this guide you will be able to download our barbing salon business plan pdf.

But wait.. How do you intend to start barbing salon business?

There are two ways to start barbing salon business in the whole world. Whether you’re in Nigeria, USA, UK, Just every where you are, this process still going to works out for you.

The two major ways are:

  1. Undergo apprentice to set up a barbing salon business.
  2. Use money to set up a barber shop and recruits stylish.

Now, I think i need to explain what i mean by these aforementioned two options above.

Undergo Apprentice to Setup a Barbing Salon Business

If you are very serious about setting up a barbing salon business in your district, the best option for you is to take some months to learn this business and start making money.

And the best place to learn this barbing salon is from those that really know it and the one doing it as work.

You don’t just go to any barber shop around you to learn this business idea, you need to learn from those with good experience, those with modern tools, and he/she must be expert in the game.

Use Money To Set Up A Barber Shop And Recruits Stylish.

If you are a type that doesn’t like going for training or you just wish to start any lucrative business around you with having any knowledge about it, this is for you.

Do you know that there is some standard barbing salon business personnel out there without any knowledge about how to do hairstyle? Don’t be surprised.

When you have your money with you, it is very easy to start. All you just need are;

  • Look for a marketable location.
  • Furnish your barbing salon shop.
  • Buy major equipment.
  • Recruit experienced stylist.
  • Modernize your payment gateway
  • Advertise your business.
  • Start making money.
Comparison between both options and finalize the best one to start a barbing salon business.

Everything depends on your pocket and your intension towards this business. Some people are reading this text because they don’t have any knowledge about it and wish to start the business with very little start-up capital.

While some have enough money, though they have no knowledge also. But with their money, they think they can set up a barbershop. Isn’t it?

If you’re a type with no or little start-up capital, my advice for you is to undergo an apprenticeship. Learn from expert, that has modern equipment and the one people always patronize.

You don’t learn from those with little knowledge, those with old fashioned equipment and don’t have stable customers.

The other option;

This option is only meant for those with good start-up capital that wish to start any lucrative business.

These type of people don’t do this business for passion. They are only after the profit they will realize daily or weekly.

To start with this, you must have 200,000 naira upward because of the barbing salon tools/kits you will be buying.

Is Barbing Salon A Lucrative Business?

Do you wish to know how lucrative is barbing salon business before diving into the the barbingsphere? What if i tell you barbers are those who make good sales. OK, let me give you the detail.

Barbing is all about beauty, and everyone likes to look more beauty/handsome. This has make this business to be a lucrative one.

Because there’s no way you won’t vGoisit barbershop either weekly or monthly. Some go for shaving, barbing, and so on.

In short, it’s all depends on how you plan and manage your barbing business. If your intention is to ask how lucrative is barbing salon business in Nigeria..

Then I’m telling you today that barbing is one of the most profitable business that don’t require much start-up capital and which generate you more money with time.

How to start Barbing Salon Business in Nigeria

Since I’ve told you barbing salon business is very lucrative in Nigeria. As a Nigerian, i know your next action is to look for a way to setup one.

Are you planning to start a barbing business in Nigeria? As said earlier, at the end of this post you’ll find a link to download barbing salon business plan PDF file.

Here are the best business plan on barbing saloon in Abuja, Lagos, Ilorin, all around Africa;

  1. Learn the basic of barbing business.
  2. Feasibility analysis/ study
  3. Look for a marketable location to situate your barbershop.
  4. Furnish your Barbershop in a modern way.
  5. Give your barbershop a good business name.
  6. Buy barbing salon tools/kits.
  7. Advertise your brand.
  8. Start making money.

I think i should give more explanations on thses.

1. Learn The Basic Of Barbing Business

Before you venture into any business in Nigeria, it is very important to learn the basic of that business if you don’t want to run into bankrupt.

This things is group into two ways either you run the apprentice method or meet with the successful ones in the business.

Did you know that if you could take time to learn the concept, you won’t be dupe along line in this business.

How long does it take to learn barbing in Nigeria?

If your passionate to learn barbing in Nigeria, its a good idea. I think you know our brain works faster than each other.

There are some people that assimilate the whole barbing stuff within a month or 2. But the average period it should take you is 1 year or 6 month.

I’ve met with people that spent only 3 month to learn the whole barbing skill and they are now expert today in Nigeria.

On a safer side, just book a year or 6 month for the barbing salon training.

2. Barbing Salon Feasibility Analysis/ Study

What is feasibility analysis? This is a process where by you make a research if a business is lucrative/profitable, if a business fit your environment and so on.

Doing barbing salon feasibility study/analysis is one of the essential things to first do when planning to setup your barbershop.

But in my own view, barbing business thrive well in all location. Since it’s deal with beautifying of men and women’s face.

So in Nigeria, there are some places that make good sales with barbing business. If you situate your barbershop in Lagos, Abuja, plateau, and many advanced states.

3. Look For A Marketable Location To Situate Your Barbershop

The best place to locate your salon are:

  • Students Area.
  • School Premises.
  • Government Residential Area.
  • Cities
  • Shopping Mall
  • Market Area And So On.

If you’re a student and you wish to start this business, before you graduate you can start creating awareness within your colleagues.

The best deal for a student is to offer hostel hair cut by going around guys hostel for hostel service and rake in your cash.

But to make things professional, you can meet with your school Student Union and rent a shop for the business.

An average price you can charge student for a haircut shouldn’t be more that 300 naira if not less.

Barbing salon business in Abuja

Do you stay in Abuja, you wish to start barbing salon in Abuja? Good, barbing salon could make you more money if well planned. Ask me how.

Research shows that, a haircut cost N400 in suburbs in Abuja while more than that in some town like Suleja, Asokoro, Wuse, Maitama (N800 or even N1,000 per cuts)

But always consider shop rent charges in Abuja.

Barbing Salon Business In Lagos

Lagos being one of the best states in Nigeria with a population of over 4 million people is considered as a business area.

Do you even know how much Barber charges per haircut in Lagos? You need to do barbing salon feasibility study/analysis to confirm how salon can thrive well in Lagos.

If you are a lagosian or you reside in lagos and you wish to start a barbing salon in Lagos, it’s very easy and I’ll tell you what it takes in the next line.

I was able to gathered that barber charge nothing less than 300 naira in area like My12, Aja, Okoko maiko e.t.c

While area like Lagos island, Banana island and so on charge up to 1000 naira or more, for a haircut.

Do make sure you download our barbing salon business plan PDF file in case your offline and would Like to go through this.

Barbing Business In Ilorin

Right now in Ilorin, barbing salon has now become a lucrative business. No matter what, do make sure you download barbing salon business plan PDF for the best guide.

Currently in Ilorin, Barbers charge 200 – 300 naira per haircut in an area like Tanke, Opo Malu, Adeta, etc.

While barbershop that reside at Fate, GRA, charge 1000 per haircut.

Barbing salon Near me

Sometimes you would want to search for Barbing salon near me or barbing salon around me. You can make use of google map to search for that.

4. Buy Barbing Salon tools/kits

Below are all the barbing salon tools/kits or equipment you need for a professional Salon business in Nigeria:

  • Standby Generator
  • Sterilizers
  • Ceiling fans, Standing Fan / Air Conditioners.
  • Rotatable barber chairs
  • Quality Clippers
  • Cover Clothes
  • Barbing salon pictures & wallpapers, etc.


  • Baber’s Wall mirrors
  • Cosmetics (Relaxers, conditioners, facial powders, Hair creams, sprays, dyes, etc.)
  • Combs, scissors, blades, tissue papers, etc.
  • Entertainment system like Plasma TV, Loud Speaker, etc
  • Waiting-chairs
  • Install sockets
  • Furniture (decorations, cupboard, tables, etc.)

5. Give Your Barbershop A Good Business Name

Yes an epic name is part of planning your barbing salon business in Nigeria. Do know that we’ve include how to chose a epic name in our barbing salon business plan PDF file.

I hope you might have come across some barbershop using a trending epic name? You’ve heard of hairsense in Ilorin? That’s how they use epic name.

Though if you’d like to include your name or nickname in your barbershop name, that’s a good idea also.

Epic name will also take part in the course of succeeding in this business. As this will enable people to remember your shop and would like to patronise you again.

Read Also: How to register your Barbing salon business in Nigeria

6. Advertise your Barbing Salon Business

Endure to advertise your barbershop both online and offline. This will give you more chance to overthrow your competitors.

Normally, the best way to advertise your barbershop online are as follows:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Pay blogger for banner ads
  • WhatsApp awareness and so on.
Facebook Ads as part of barbing salon business plan PDF

To do this, you will firstly need to create a Facebook page for your barbershop, put your graphics picture as the group image.

Upon this, you will need to always post your latest work and click on boost button to reach out more people on Facebook.

By doing this, you will start gaining more popularity and this might convince people to patronise you.

Do ensure to only cover your community for a start so that people can easily locate your shop.

I hope you get the trick? Repeat the same things for Twitter ads, and Instagram ads.

Pay Blogger For Banner Ads

Reach out to bloggers that blog about beauty or request for inside post advertisement for a post like barbing salon business plan PDF.

Meanwhile we’ve decided to charge at affordable price to place barber’s banner ads inside this post and still help you promote your business online.

To place ads on this blog, kindly contact us for help.

Advertise Your Barbing Salon Business Offline

The best way to advertise your barbing salon business offline is to print a complimentary card and give it to out to people.

You can also do sign board, postal board to create more awareness around your area.

Download Barbing salon business plan PDF file now!

Wrapping Up On Barbing Salon Business Plan Pdf

Don’t forget that at the end of this post I’ve provided you with barbing salon business plan PDF file for easy revision.

As you can see, barbing salon business is one of the most lucrative business for Nigerian to make money.

All you have to do is to follow my step by step guide to make cool money both online and offline.

What are your thoughts on how to start barbing salon business? Don’t forget to share out to interested pals.

I wish you success !

Check how hair are being cut below :

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