Best Android Apps

Best Android Apps for Customizing Your Android Phone

Best Android Apps

One of the reasons for choosing Android over iOS is the extra customisation options you get – you can really dive deep when it comes to tweaking the appearance of Android, pixel-by-pixel, and there are a huge number of apps around to help. Make use of some or all of these to give your Android device a whole new look.


KWGT – or Kustom Widget Maker – lets you experiment with another of Android’s most customisable features: Its widgets. You get a whole host of example widgets to play around with, and you can then choose to adapt them if needed (or start from scratch completely if you’ve got something specific in mind). Clocks, calendars, media players and more are covered, and there’s the option to pay a one-off $4.49 fee to remove the ads inside the app.

KWGT (free, premium version available)


Phone wallpaper is a good place to start honing your Android customisation skills, and Resplash taps into the popular Unsplash library of free imagery – you’ll find everything from sweeping mountain landscapes to close-ups of gadgets here, with a simple-to-use search function and an ever-changing gallery of photos collected around various themes, curated by the Unsplash team. Applying a new wallpaper only takes a couple of taps.

Resplash (free)

Nova Launcher

Launcher apps are the ultimate tools for customising your Android phone, letting you change wallpaper, icons, menus and more with just a few taps. Nova Launcher is one of the leading options in this category, scoring highly in both the number of features it offers and the ease with which you can apply them. Some of the more advanced features, like notification and gesture customisations, require a one-off upgrade payment.

Nova Launcher (free, premium version available)


Walli gives you access to one of the best wallpaper collections around, with just about every conceivable topic and art style covered. We also like the playlist feature, which lets you select a group of your favourite pictures that are then rotated through automatically. The app shows ads, with payment split with the artists, though you can pay to remove them.

Walli (freemium)

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