Agribusiness In Nigeria: How to Get Started

As an Agricultural student, I’ve decided to crack off my brain and solve the most asked question “How to start Agribusiness in Nigeria” but before I dive into the main subject I’ll like to make clear of some terms.

How to start agribusiness in Nigeria

What Is Meant By The Word Agriculture?

Agriculture is a science and art of cultivation of soil, growing crops and rearing of livestock. In a simple sentence, it is the act of cultivating the soil and rearing of farm animals for man.

While Agribusiness is the process of doing any business relating to Agriculture. I hope you get off right?

Before you can start Agriculture Business either in Nigeria, Ghana, USA, all over the world. You need to first do your research on the most Profitable Agriculture Business Idea.

Factors To Be Considered Before Diving Into Agribusiness In Nigeria

Apart from the fact that Agriculture business is one of the lucrative business someone can venture into and make cool money with it, there are some factors you need to consider before you kick start.

  • Availability Of Enough Start-up Capital: Always make sure there’s enough startup capital before kick start your agribusiness, if not you would be money stuck.
  • Select Your Niche: Niche is very important in Agriculture Business, you need to select weather your starting with Animal production or crop production. Did you get it?
  • Available Market: Also don’t forget to do your feasibility analysis on the product you’re about to be producing. This will let you know how well the product sells in the market. I hope you’re getting it? Good.
  • Land Condition: This is all about where you’d situate your farm. And it all depends on the aspect of agribusiness you later go for. You don’t expect a rice farmer to plant rice on dry land. Have you? Absolutely No.
  • Potential Risks: If you’re not ready to take risks on any business you are about to start, that means you don’t mean the business. It’s even part of the characteristics of an entrepreneur.

And there’s a quote that says The successful ones are those who takes risk.

I think I should list out the most profitable agriculture business someone can do in Nigeria to make cool money. Should I? Lol.. Calm down.

Below is the list of the most Profitable Agriculture Business anybody can do to make money or extra money. Note I’m not listing base on ascending order.

7 Most Lucrative Agribusiness In Nigeria

Here are the most profitable agriculture in Nigeria to start making money:

  1. Agricultural Farming Business
  2. Snail Farming Business
  3. Poultry Farming Business
  4. Pond Farming Business
  5. Mushroom Farming Business
  6. Beekeeping Business
  7. Piggery.

Now I think it time to pick them and explain it one after the other. Are you ready to learn? OK, let’s go!

#1. Agriculture Farming Business

Agribusiness In Nigeria: How to Get Started

The problem Nigeria is facing right now dully based on the issue of Agriculture. The fact is, nobody wants to go back to the farm, and we want to be eating good quality food.

Youths are running away from farm work, even elderly people don’t want to do this job. Why people are running away from this job?

Should we say its because of the stress behind this job? Hmmm, probably yes. But all the same, everyone has become lazy. Even in the olden days that there’s nothing like mechanize farming, people still do this job.

Well, without wasting much of the time, I’ll like to encourage all our people that they should go back to farm before its too late. Do you know how much a bag of rice worth now?

Thankfully, we’ve setup an organization to take care of those that don’t know anything about farming and would like to know. It is called Campusagricnetwork.

This is an organization setup to help those who have a passion to start agribusiness in Nigeria but don’t know how to. You can log to the site and enroll for any of your preferred courses.

List Of Agribusiness That Sell Fast in Nigeria

  • Pepper Plantation: Pepper plantation is very lucrative in Nigeria, especially if someone is doing it on a large scale. Pepper mature and ready for harvest after 100 days of plantation. With this business, you’ll be making weekly money.
  • Maize Plantation: Almost all Nigeria farmers do plant maize. Why? It’s because it doesn’t take much time to mature and harvesting is not something hard. Besides, it’s always meet market demand. There are many variety of maize, even there’s a one that spend 2 mature to harvest.
  • Cassava Plantation: Starting a cassava farm isn’t something hard, you don’t need too much capital before you can kick start this agribusiness in Nigeria. Just look for a piece of land and start planting your cassava, and the good news is that you can plant both maize and cassava together on the same ridges.
  • Vegetables Production: Vegetables are also a daily consumption thing in Nigeria, so doing this agribusiness in Nigeria would make you more money and bear your spendings.
  • Plantain Production And So On: You know there are many things you can just grab and start planting in as far that that thing is lucrative. Plantain is also part of the daily consumption foods in Nigeria, so if one does this Agribusiness in Nigeria it yields more money.

#2. Snail Farming Business

When it comes to lucrative Agriculture Business, snail farming must be among the top best 10. Do you know the reason why? It’s because you can start this business with zero capital and end up realizing millions of naira after harvesting.

At campus agric network, you would be thought how to start rearing a snail without having any start-up capital and how to market your snails at the end of the season.

In short, snail farming is one of the best if not the best Agribusiness in Nigeria because of the following reasons:

  • Low or zero start-up capital
  • Market demand
  • Zero or no stress behind this Agribusiness
  • Take little or no part of your time.
  • Snail can withstand hunger for more than 6 months. And so many more.

As you can see on my list above, you don’t need to have any start-up capital before you can start snail farming unless you want to make it on a large scale which would require building the snail house and buying more snail.

At you’ll learn how to pick up to 1000 and above snail from the bush in a day to start your agribusiness in Nigeria.

How To Start Snail Farming Business In Nigeria

To start snail farming business anywhere your priority should be concern about ‘Is this place conducive for snail farming?’ If you’ve got a suitable place to situate your farm the rest should be;

Am I going on a large scale Agribusiness? What do I need to start this business. Do your research very well to realize good income.

But the best way to make good profit from this business is to firstly under go training. Learn what you’re about to start making money with.

After you’ve enrolled for the training, below are what you need to start your own Agriculture business on snail farming.

Requirements to start snail farming business in Nigeria

Did you know just one snail can lay and hatch up to 300 eggs and above and they lay eggs thrice in a year.

So if you could afford having up to 1000 eggs, I hope you know how much they become at the year-end? Meanwhile, below are what you need to start rearing snail in Nigeria.

  • Build your Snailery which is also known as snail house (either local one or modern one) Note that snail-like cold weathered environment.
  • Source your first stock. That is, look for a way to stock your first snail either you hand pick it or you buy directly from snail farmer.
  • Do small research on the disease that often attacks snail.
  • Start rearing your snail and make money.

Don’t forget campus agric network get you covered. You learn from the expert and you also become expert within a month.

#3. Poultry Farming Business

How to start small poultry farm in Nigeria

Do you know how profitable poultry farming is in Nigeria? Though its a seasonal business but some people still make money with it daily. How do they do this?

As you know this website is not an Agriculture blog but we are just passionate to write a review about the business someone can do either online or offline to make money all over the world.

By the way, we won’t go into the main practical aspects of any of the aforementioned agribusiness in Nigeria, we’ll only give a link to learn it and to get the best eBook to get you started.

You can always learn anything about agriculture business on campus Agric network website.

How To Start Poultry Farming Business In Nigeria

Before you should start poultry farming business kindly accept the fact that the marketing aspect is seasonal unless you have those you will be supplying it to daily, weekly, any time anywhere.

It’s among the reason why I’m recommending campus Agric network for you. After you’ve successfully enrolled in their courses, they won’t leave you alone. They will guide you to the point of marketing your product.

Below are what you need to start poultry farming business in Nigeria:

  • Decide on whether you’re doing broiler breeding or egg breeding or both and make sure your investment is ready.
  • Find startup capital or request for a loan to start your agribusiness.
  • Enroll for poultry farming training to learn about the requisite proprietary. (
  • Find a suitable place to situate your poultry farm.
  • Buy day old from trusted company and produce the feed your self.

#4. Pond farming business as part of Agribusiness in Nigeria

Have you ever been to river side before? Do you know how fisher men pick fish from the river? Oh man… This is very great.

What Is Pounds Rearing Or Fish Farming?

This is a process where you keep fish in a pound, rear them for human consumption. This business is also one of the most lucrative agribusiness in Nigeria someone can do to make money.

This business can make you a millionaire if properly plan and handle with care especially nowadays that consumes pepper soup than before.

What are the requirements to start a fish farming business in Nigeria?

To start pounds farming business in Nigeria, do consider the following factors:

  • Availability of steady water
  • Construction of pound (Either locally made or modern one)
  • While stocking your pound with fish always make sure you don’t buy sick fish or the ones with disease.
  • Buy fingerlings to save you more money.
  • Do more research on what type of food to give them for better quality.

If you ever enroll in campus Agric network course you wouldn’t be searching how to start agribusiness in Nigeria again, because they will provide you all that you need to get started.

Guess what? The time between rearing time and harvesting period is not too long at all, it can be 2 months or more.

It all depends on the market size you want, don’t ever starve your fish if you don’t want them to start eating one another.

#5. Mushroom Farming Business

Doing a mushroom farming business in Nigeria you can make good money every week. You don’t need to have full knowledge of this.

All that you need is to do your feasibility analysis, pick up the idea and start making your weekly money with this business.

How To Start Mushroom Farming Business?

Below are what you need to be successful in this business:

  1. Get your spawn and substrate. To kick start the culture you will need a spawn.
  2. You will need to prepare the substrate.
  3. Pack the plastic bags.
  4. Incubation.
  5. Fruiting.
  6. Harvest.

#6. Bee Keeping Business as one of the best Agribusiness in Nigeria

Unlike the olden days that honey is very cheap, the increase in the price of honey makes Beekeeping a lucrative Agriculture Business someone can do to make money.

The demand for original honey is increasing daily and the bee keeper is also getting rich.

This business includes the production of honey and other products like wax and so on. Though bee also have reproduction season where they colonize.

How To Start Beekeeping Business?

To start keeping bee you need to have dome little knowledge about do’s and don’t of this business. Meanwhile, campus Agric network has promised to train you how to get started doing this business at a very affordable price.

This bee keeping business doesn’t require much start-up capital unless you’re planning a large scale one.

What to consider when selecting sites for this business?

  • Availability of water
  • Availability of flowers
  • Accessibility and Topography.
  • Shelter or shady area.
  • The proximity of human activities or human conflicts
  • Presence of pest and the use of pesticide.
  • Drainage.

In short, Apiary or beekeeping is a very lucrative business that someone can start with little start-up capital. I hope beekeeping meet your search result ‘how to start agribusiness in Nigeria’?

#7. Piggery Farming Business In Nigeria

Piggery is the art of rearing pigs for the consumption of man. However, this business remains legit money-making agribusiness for those who know the to do it.

You don’t need to worry if you don’t have any experience doing this business, I’ve compiled a very detail eBook to help beginners get started. What you need to do is to contact us for the eBook at an affordable price.

Even though pigs are very dirty, people still choose to rear it simply because it’s very lucrative.

If you’re going for modern piggery you need a good start-up capital but if it’s the normal local one you only need little start-up capital.

How can I start piggery business in Nigeria?

There are some factors you need to put into consideration before diving into rearing a pig which are as follow:

  • Availability of water or Riverside: According to scientists, the pig body need to stay in a very cool and wet place to make body temperature constant.
  • Building of pig house
  • Affording pig feed and so many more.

All other factors are included in the premium eBook, click here now to get a copy.

Conclusion On How To Start Agribusiness In Nigeria

You don’t need to be told that this article has answered your question.

Starting Agribusiness in Nigeria is very easy and simple if one is ready to take risk and have money at the side.

You know every business in life requires one to take risks, and they say the successful ones are those who take risks. I hope you get my point? I wish you the best of luck!

You can watch the video above to learn more about how to start agribusiness in Nigeria.

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What are your thoughts on how to start Agribusiness in Nigeria? Don’t forget to share out to other passionate farmers.

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