China Mini Importation Site – Top places to buy at cheaper price

china mini importation site

As an expert in this field, I’ll like to expose you to the top 5 china mini importation site where you can always get your goods at the lowest price and directly from the manufacturer.

Since 2018 mini importation business in Nigeria, Ghana has been a thriving business that can make you more money if plan well.

Without wasting time let’s go straight to the China mini importation site where you can buy all your goods at a cheaper price and resell it here in Nigeria, Ghana.

China Mini Importation Site

These are the best 5 China Mini Importation Site to buy cheap products:

  4. Alibaba
  5. Tmall

Now that you’ve seen the top 5 websites you also need to learn more about them. Let’s take it one after the other.


When we’re talking about mini importation websites and we’ve not make mention 1688, the list is yet to complete.

The so-called 1688 is a Chinese website whereby people from others can also buy from but with some techniques.

In 1688, all the goods are very cheap compared to other China mini importation sites. They sell the cheapest product in China.

If truly you’re looking for the best mini importation websites, then 1688 should be your option. Read more about it below.

How operate? is one of the best Mini importation site globally. All their goods are very cheap, they always update for hot trending goods.

Starting your mini importation business with 1688 is a very good idea but as a Nigerian, you need to undergo some pieces of training before you can successfully buy from this site.

Though I have a well-written article on mini importation training to guide you through at an affordable price.

To access that training page you need to make payment then you have access to our video, eBook and well-written article to guide you through.

#2. as China mini importation site is the second website that follows when cones to China mini importation site for Nigerian, Ghanaian.

This website was designed for Chinese to make life easier for them. But just because we Nigerians like cheap stuff we decided to start making order.

As of the time this post was posted, I’m Still gathering all my facts about Taobao to simplify it for my readers.

Aliexpress is another great website to buy goods at the lowest price and resell it to your customers.

This website use dollar as their currency and they will be responsible for shipping fee which means you don’t pay for shipping.

Also, the website is easy to use, even if you’re just visiting for the first time, no problem you will still get it done.

You heard about Aliexpress and want to give it a trial? You can click here to visit the Aliexpress site.

Why you should choose Aliexpress?

If you download the Aliexpress app for the first time, they will give you $5 which you can use to shop with them.

Using Aliexpress, you can sell all over the world even without having start-up capital. Ask me how?

This is how you do it, you take a picture of any hot product and start advertising it.

Whenever you get a customer for the product you quickly go there to purchase it and input your customer’s address as yours. is one of the largest e-commerce company where people from Asia are transacting with all over the world. (mini importation websites)

This website is even bigger than eBay and Amazon combined. Buying on Alibaba is very straight forward unlike that requires some techniques.

How to buy on

To buy goods on alibaba you need either of the following account as your payment gateway:

  • PayPal account.
  • Upfront TT (Bank Transfer)
  • Western union.
  • Escrow.

How would you feel if I don’t explain deeper on this payment method? Bad right OK!

  • PayPal account: You know PayPal is a universal online gateway, so it’s very safe using this method.
  • Upfront TT: This method is not safe unless the seller already have more sales review. In this way, the buyer send all cash before the transaction can take place.
  • Western Union: if Pat is not protected by escrow this payment method is not safe at all.
  • Escrow method: Using this method, money is held by third party and would be paid to the seller after the buyers confirm receiving the goods.

If you’d like to know more about this, kindly reach us on WhatsApp.

Tmall As A China Mini Importation Site

Tmall as China mini importation site

Tmall Which was formally known as Taobao mall is one of the best place to buy if you’re outside China.

This e-commerce website has a big promotion day in which you can save up to 30- 60% of your money.

If you don’t understand China language it’s a must for you to look out for agents that will help you complete your transaction.

How to buy on Tmall?

You read that small description about them and you thinking of buying your goods on Tmall? Though I’m not going to give you all the clue here.

Its because we have a premium training for this and we reserve that for the serious ones.

You still worried to know more? OK let me refer you to this article, I think that should help.

Conclusion on China Mini Importation Site

Those are all 5 best China mini importation site in which you can buy all your goods at the lowest price.

While I don’t go deep on those sites, you can order for the premium training on any of those sites.

Don’t forget I told you I paid someone to learn this also, so it is not free at all!

What are your thought on these china Mini importation site? Don’t forget to share your own opinion and use the social media icon below to share out to friends.

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