Facebook ad breaks revenue: New way to make money online

Facebook ad breaks revenueFacebook Ad Breaks revenue has been online for so many years now but not everyone aware of this. This is indeed great way to monetize Facebook page.

Did you have a Facebook with over 10,000 ? Your looking for to monetize it? Worry less cox ad breaks revenue is here for you.

Your comfused with the name right? Well, its normal.. Being your first time of seeing this.

Facebook Ad breaks is a new method in which anyone who has Facebook page earn cool cash online by displaying ads on Facebook videos.

What is Facebook Ad Breaks ?

Just like the way Google adsense place advertisements on blogs, Facebook also make it a way for people of Facebook to earn money by displaying ads on their videos.

But its not at an instance you create your Facebook page that fetch you cash, you need to be eligible for this program before you can monetize.

So Today I’ll be exposing you to the new way to monetize your Facebook page by uploading videos. Let’s go

How do I Start Facebook ad Breaks?

To start making money with Facebook ad breaks revenue you need to firstly set up a Facebook page and look for a way to get atleast 10,000 followers.

You can easily get even more than 10,000 people to follow your Facebook page, you just need to boost your Facebook page by paying some little amount and set where you’d like to get followers from.

I’ll advice you to target European Union, USA, UK as your main target because if you can get views from this countries I’m assuring you can earn big with a little views.

How to Monetize Your Facebook Videos

To monetize videos on your Facebook page you need to visit fb.me/joinadbreaksCreator Studio or their Page Video Insights to join Ad Breaks.

Also you can check for what it takes here. 

Hope you didn’t forget that you need a Facebook page that has up to 10,000 followers? Good! Move to the next line.

Your videos must also get up to 1 minute watch from 30,000 followers minimum watch.

How much does Facebook ad breaks pay?

Its all depends on the location your getting your views from, just like the adsense does.

In some locations like Africa, and some Asian Countries Facebook pay them $1 or even less on per 1000 impression on their ads.

While locations like USA, UK, and some European Countries they earn up to $5 or above per 1000 impression on their ads.

What to do?

So if you’re not from the country you think can fetch you more money, you can invest in your Facebook page by boosting your page and target your preferred countries.

Ad Breaks revenue Eligibility

If you don’t forget i told that its not all those who has Facebook page that will be eligible for this ad breaks revenue. Before you can be eligible you need to:

  • You need to publish videos from your Facebook page (Not your Facebook profile) and that page must have up to 10,000 followers.
  • In the past 60 days, you must be creating 3-minute videos that have generated more than 30,000 1-minute views in total.

How do i get Ad Breaks revenue ?

Now that you know all what it takes to start making money with your Facebook page by uploading videos you also need to place ads in your Facebook app or page.

You will have to manually add your advertising code into your Facebook page or Facebook app. Hope you get it right? Good!

How to receive your payment?

To receive payment from your Facebook ad breaks revenue you need to reach your threshold. And $100 is the minimum amount you can receive.

Which after that you can receive payment with PayPal account, payoneer and even to your local bank account.

To receive your earnings from ad breaks, you must set up a payment account.

After your Page is approved for ad breaks you will set up your payment account. To complete the process, you must have the information below prepared.

The legal name, address, phone number and contact email associated with the Page admin responsible for payouts.

-Select your Country of residency and Business Type.

So you will be prompted to enter your taxpayer information based on your selected country of residence and business type:

  • If you have selected US as your country of residence, you will be prompted to enter your SSN .
  • If you have selected a non-US country of residence, you will be prompted to enter your applicable foreign Tax ID.

A bank account or a PayPal account:

To link a bank account, you will need to verify the bank’s country, the routing number, the account number and account holder’s name.

To link a PayPal account, you’ll need the account’s country, associated email address and the account holder’s first and last name.

IRS Tax Form

  • United States: If your from USA You will be prompted to complete and upload your Form W-9, which can be downloaded from the IRS website.
  • Canada and Brazil: If your Canada You will be prompted to complete and upload your applicable Form W-8, which can be downloaded from the IRS website

Conclusion on Facebook ad breaks revenue

All depends on you as lots of people are making cool cash on this platform.

Just like YouTube, you need to get more and more followers from good paying countries that I’ve stated earlier to start earning big.

Don’t forget that I’ve left a videobfor you for better understanding. That’s good abi? Yp..

You can also watch a video from shreyash telling how to make money from Facebook ad breaks revenue

What’s your thought on this new way to monetize Facebook page using Facebook ad breaks revenue?

Kindly use the comment button below and don’t forget to share this with friends and family.

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