fashion trends

Fashion trends these Days in 9ja

Fashion trends

is no doubt a beautiful thing in 9ja for decades now,everything about fashion is beginning to evolve, or recycle like some people claim to say. Take the ‘Mom Jeans’ for example; it used to be one of the clothing that came back in style amongst hipsters and fashionably aware young men and women in the 2010s, being that it has existed for over two decades, only to recycle and now back into fashion for both the young and the old.

Then we have the totally ‘out the blues’ fashion trends, they come in and shake the town, sending fashion lovers in and out of boutiques and stores.
Are you a fashionista and won’t like to be left behind? What kind of fashion sense interests you?

Let’s take a quick stroll downtown and see what others are wearing.

1. Palazzo trousers.

image source : google

2. Beard

image source : google

3. Crazy Denim Jean

image source : Pinterest

4. Waist Wide-Leg Pants

image source : google

5. Frontal Wigs

image source : thebestpriceng

If going to the hairdresser’s salon every month is tiring, eats into your time and want to save some money, you can join the wig crew. And not just wig, wigs with frontals that makes the front of your hair look real and beautiful. Frontal wigs are how big girls roll nowadays.

6. Sneakers

image source : thebestpriceng

More colourful sneakers are flooding the market and both males and females are buying them. They look chic and cool. You too can join the sneakers gang too.

7. Dyed And Low-Cut Hair

image source : google

image source : google

Kudos to African Men and Women, who are rocking it bold and beautiful. Do you think this look is for you?  you should try it out!

what do you think? Did any of this trends get your attention? Let’s know what you think in the comment section below.

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