Generator Prices in Nigeria

Generator prices in Nigeria – Top 10 reviews.

These Generator Prices in Nigeria are very affordable. Power supply is considered as one of the basic amenities of life. With the effective supply of power, one can live right. How? Well first, the world has evolved and it has technology at its peak.

Now, without the supply of power, it would be impossible to make use of technology. Without the supply of power to charge your phones and other gadgets, one would miss out on technology.

I would not fail to leave out the joy that comes with the presence of electricity. However, in a country like Nigeria where the citizens do not enjoy 24/7 power supply, it is essential for a resident to have a generator as an alternative for power supply.

In this delicate period, the need for power supply cannot be underrated, thus the need of a generator is emphasized. There are different types of generator brands in Nigeria with different prices and KV capacities.

The prices of these generators vary from sizes to brands. From the smallest generator popularly known as; I better pass my neighbor to the biggest generator.

It is not surprising that there’re a lot of generator brands in the country, we have; Tiger, Honda, Perkins, Elepaq, Thermocool, Sumec, Firman, Elemax, Lutian, Kipor, Mikano.

These products Generator Prices in Nigeria have been topping the list of the best generator brands in Nigeria for a long time. Eventually, your budget is for any of these products that matters.

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Generator Prices in Nigeria.

Honda Generators and Price list:

Generator prices in Nigeria
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Honda generator is one of the most popular generator and the best in the country. Honda is known for using the best equipments, not to forget how very durable their products are and pocket friendly their prices are.

Even the smallest Honda product is very trusted for retaining fuel. It is capable of providing the home with as high as 450 to 9000 watts of power.

Below are few Honda generators and their prices;

The type of generator you buy is dependent on the locale or your motive.

Tiger Generators and Price list:

Generator prices in Nigeria
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The Tiger generator which is among the cheapest Generator prices in Nigeria is popularly known for providing Nigerians with the small size generator. Once you hear that someone has the I better pass my neighbor, be sure to know that it is the Tiger generator.

However, Tiger generators have other products;

Tiger TG950 650VA and Tiger TG1850 1.2KVA generator seems to be the lowest generator that Tiger offers. This is actually very fair, because the brand has done its best to make sure that all Nigerians get access to power supply.

Generator prices in Nigeria
Tiger TG 2700

If you just want to power your home without the use of many home appliances, you can get the Tiger TG950 650VA which goes for as low as #25,000 to #35,000. 

While Tiger TG1850 1.2KVA generator which is capable of carrying more home appliances than Tiger TG950 650VA goes for as low as #40,000 to #80,000.

There are other best products from Tiger, we have;

Thermocool Generators and Price list:

Generator prices in Nigeria
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Haier Thermocool is another brand of generator that has been tasked with the duty of providing Nigerian homes and businesses with power supply.

The brand is known for making generators with high durability. Haier Thermocool is fuel conversing, just as Nigerians love it.

The prices of Haier Thermocool generator varies in model like the rest of the generators. The fun fact about the Thermocool generator brand is that the way names are given to the generators.

Listed below are Haier Thermocool generators and their price list:

Elepaq Generators and Price list:

Generator prices in Nigeria
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Elepaq Generator Prices in Nigeria come in different models, they are also popular and durable like the rest of the other good generators we have in Nigeria.

Elepaq generators are built to converse fuel and they are worth the money value. Their price also vary with their models, we have;

These models seem to be the most affordable models from Elepaq.

Another option of Elepaq Generator prices in Nigeria for business is the Elepaq 2.2KVA EC3000CX is built for small businesses and homes with lots of appliances, its pricelist is from ₦84,000 to ₦90,000.

Sumec Firman Generators and Price list:

Generator prices in Nigeria
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Sumec Firman is a popular generator brand and has affordable Generator prices in Nigeria that has been modified over and over again. From the rope model to the key start model.

Sumec Firman has never failed to bring Nigerians the best of generators this is their price list.

Sumec Firman SPG 950 could pass as an I better pass my neighbor generator #25,000 Naira – #35,000. Following closely is the Sumec Firman SPG 1800 that range from #40,000 to #75,000, then the Sumec Firman SPG 2500 which is about #68,000 to #95,000.

I also recommend the following as they have proven to be very durable and efficient;

There are more Generator prices in Nigeria, brands and models for Nigerians to enjoy.

It is interesting that Nigerians are allowed to have an alternative power supply so thumbs up are given to these brands for providing an alternative and pocket friendly power supply for Nigerians to enjoy.

Do you have a question on our Generator prices in Nigeria? Drop your questions in the comment section below.

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