Habits of a highly sexual couples.


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a settled or regular tendency of practice. Ever wondered how some couples still maintain a highly sizzling chemistry even after being together for a long period of time? Couples’ sex habits tend to ebb and flow based on a number of factors. Some couples have more sex earlier in their relationship, while others stay fairly consistent over time when it comes to frequency.

Some couples go through periods of lots of sex, followed by periods of next to none because the kids are in your bed every night, you’re working long hours, or you’re too busy cleaning to get down and dirty. If you aren’t totally satisfied with your on and off sex life and want to maybe make some changes, you might want to implement some of the habits of couples who have a lot of sex.

Habits image source : google

  • They Solidify Their Emotional Connection.

Habits image source : google

  • They Take Advantage of Imperfect Moments.

Habits image source : google

  • They are Both willing to Initiate Sex.

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  • They don’t stop being spontaneous and are forever creative.

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  • They are forever willing to try new things.

Habits image source: google

knowing fully well that the knowledge of sex climax and techniques (Skills) is as vast as the ocean. That is Never ending

  • Always relaxed, Confident, willing and Receptive I.e attuned to each others needs.

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