How Profitable Is Snail Farming In Nigeria

If you ever want to know how profitable is snail farming in Nigeria, then you create time to do some research. But thankfully all the research words has been solved here.

Are you planning to go into snail farming business in Nigeria? And you’re still having the fear losing.

Note that this article has been made to answer the question: is snail farming profitable in Nigeria and all related keywords.

How Profitable Is Snail Farming In Nigeria

Let’s start from the concept of snail farming.

What is snail farming in Nigeria?

Snail farming in Nigeria is a process where by you keep or rear snail in a large quantity for the purpose of reproduction.

A lot of people still don’t know the potential profit behind this business. They still have the believe that snail can only be pick in the Bush.

Though that’s the culture in the olden days. But now that things has changed, all those things we never thought it can be profitable are now making cool money.

Have you wonder why people rear snail? Is it only for consumption or for making money?

How about snail farming business in Nigeria?

This is a business model in which you build a pen for your snail and start rearing it in other to make money from it.

I’ve read lots of post on google where people talk about how they make millions from snail farming business in Nigeria.

Yes, i belief in their writeup because i know the potential profit behind this money making agribusiness.

It’s been a long time I’ve known how profitable is snail farming in Nigeria but I’ve not got time to write a good writeup like this.

What if i tell you snail farming is more profitable than fish farming in Nigeria? I know some people won’t still believe this.

But, I’ve decided to make some analysis that will surely convince your heart upon the topic: how profitable is snail farming in Nigeria.

Between snail farming and fish pond, which one is the best?

Though every business depends on how you plan it, but if both are well planned snail farming is more profitable than fish farming for the following reasons;

We can see that in nowadays fish pond business model, no one is rearing fish in other to reproduce again except of those who hatch fish eggs and that’s another business model entirely.

But if we can see in the snail farming, people rear snail in other to reproduce and attain some certain weight before they sell it out.

And according to my research, i was able to gathered that a snail can lay up to 500 eggs at a time and they have ability to lay egg 3 time in a year.

Which mean just only one snail can lay up to 1 million eggs in a year. Wow that’s really cool right?

But what if you have up to 100 snail at a start and they all lay up to 400 – 500 eggs at a time, how many snail eggs is that?

Do the calculation your self and see the beauty behind this business.

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Some people would say fish also lay numerous eggs. Yes i agree with that but do you even know not all fish can be use for hatching?

That’s where problem is, some people don’t know it is not all fish that can be use for hatching business. It has a specific fish that carry out that role.

Life span of a snail

It was recorded that snail can spend many years on earth even without feeding them. Have you ever experience this kind of scenario;

Where by you’ll be digging the soil and come across some piece of snail using something like leather to cover their mouth part?

That process is called aestivation. That moment in time, the snail are not active. Is not that they’ve dead but they are not active.

Another most important things you should know about snail farming business is that;

Unlike other farm animals, if you don’t give snail food a complete one or two weeks they won’t die. They will still be active, just that they may not attain certain weight with a feed ones.

And the cost of feeding snail is not too expensive. Though they tend to eat much food but their food composit is very cheap. Even there are some you can get for free.

Cost of starting snail farming business in Nigeria

If you’re planning to start a snail farming business in Nigeria on a large scale then you should be planning with 100 – 200k.

But if it’s a normal snail farming you want to set up, 50,000 naira is okay for a start.

What you should consider while setting up snail farming business in Nigeria are;

  • Availability of market.
  • Endure to have small skill about how snail can be reared.
  • Familiar with snail foods and what make them grow up quick.
  • Buy eBook if you can afford to.

How much can you earn from 1000 p

From my analysis above, I’ve made you clear that if you really plan your snail farming business you can realise up to 300 – 500 baby snail from a snail.

On a norms, if you want to sell snail for a buyer at wholesales price you can do it 100 naira or 200 naira per snail. Though it depends on the size.

And if you could realize 1000 piece of snail within 3 month that would give you 100,000 Naira.

Assuming you now realize 3,000,000 pieces of snail that would give you what? Please help me calculate it this money is becoming uncountable.

Can you now see rearing a snail is more profitable than setting up a fish pond?

Cost of setting up a snail house (pen)

How Profitable Is Snail Farming In Nigeria

There are many ways to setup snail house, but the most common one among the successful snail farmers is the normal digging of the soil by covering it with wire net.

With 20 thousands, you can set up a standard snail house (snail pen) that can contain more than 5000 thousands pieces.

After setting up snail house, what should be the next step? If you’d like to know more about snail farming business in Nigeria, then contact us for our premium eBook.

How lucrative is snail farming

The word lucrative and profitable are almost the same English meaning but people use it in a different ways.

Are you still wondering if snail farming is a lucrative business in Nigeria? After all this my analysis, I don’t think you should be thinking negatively.

You can always get update on how to start farming business in Nigeria at kwara agriculture nNigeria

You can also watch this video to know more about how profitable snail farming in Nigeria.


Conclusion on How Profitable Is Snail Farming In Nigeria

Without doubt, i hope you could able to figure out the main point in this article. Snail farming is very lucrative in Nigeria and other Africa country.

But the most problem all the snail farmers do encountered is availability of market which we’ve promised to include our premium snail farming business plan PDF.

What are your thoughts on How Profitable Is Snail Farming In Nigeria? Please kindly share out this text to other snail farmers you think this could help.

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