How to create a blog for free and make money

I’ve come today again to give you another new jam about how you can create a blog for free and make money fast online in Nigeria, USA, South Africa, UK, and so on.

Just recently i received lots of mail messages from my blog readers asking me to write on the topic how to create a blog for free and make money but i told them if truly they mean this blogging business they should upgrade to wordpress as soon as they start start making some income.

Due to the higher demand of this topic on net and from my clients I’ve decided to publish this awesome post. Note that all you need to set up your blog here is actually for free, you just need only a data connection to get started.

How to create a blog for free and make money Online

  • Get a free domain name
  • Host your domain name on blogger
  • Create your blog
  • Design your blog
  • Create your blog posts and pages
  • Promote your blog
  • Start making money online

Those are the content list of this post, let’s look at it one after the other.

Get a free domain name

You’re amazed about the heading right? yes you can actually get a free domain name to start your blog and when you started making money you should upgrade to paid on. As this post is all about create a blog for free, so everything here is free.

There are many website that offer free domain name, but here I’ll be recommending freenom for you because its the one I’m using for this great tutorial.

Now head to to get your free domain name

When you get there that’s how their website looks like, on the image above i have two arrows numbered 1 and 2. So you’re to type your proposed name to where i numbered 1 and click the number 2. To check for availability of your name.

If the name is not available you should try and look for something similar. Assuming your proposing Dailygist and its not available to choose, you can use ourdailygist or mydailygist. I hope you get it? Good.

Now that your name is available, click on Get it now as indicated in the screenshot above. I recommend dot tk for you.


After you’ve clicked on Get it now button the button will change to green and a check out button would appear at the top side. You’re to click on it so that you can be direct to Review and checkout page.


On your Review and checkout page, you can see that all appears in zero dollars which means that your cart charging is zero. Enter your active email address and verification link would be send to you.


Check your email address for the link and click on activation link to proceed to another page. Check the screenshot above.


You fill in your correct names, Company name, your address, your town zip code (I’m case you don’t know your area or street Zip code you can just type it on Google to search for it) your city, your county… You scroll down .


Select your region or state, your phone number and working email address and finally your password. Now click on complete order.

As you can see on the screenshot above, that’s what you should expect to see from your end. Now click on “Click here to go to your client area as it was indicated above. But before you go there, quickly open a new tab on your browser.

Host your domain name on blogger

Now the new tab you just opened kindly type when you get there click on Create your blog. But just know that you need a Google mail account (Gmail) to launch this website because its own by Google.

You will need to correctly type in your Google mail account (gmail) and password, you will find your self on blogger new page where you will be ask to create new blog because your gmail account does not associate with any blog launch on blogger.

Create free blog on blogger

Create your free blog

This will take you to where you will type in your your proposed blog name (Title) and blog URL. On this note, end your blog URL with for now and select a default themes from the available one below it. Don’t worry you can change this to your taste later.

On the above screenshot, the black arrow indicate themes selection while you finally click on Create blog button.

That’s how your blog dashboard looks like. Now locate settings, basic and check out for your blog address, just below it you will see a third party, click on it and carefully type your domain name that is; as shown in the screenshot below.

Your blog dashboard

Now you need to go back to your freedom tab click on menu list.

Click on where i locate my arrow to, it will expand. Select Services and finally click on My domains. This will take you to where you would be able to manage your domain name.

Here you’re performing two works and it is numbered 1 and 2. The first thing to do is to change the period the domain name would last for to 12 month. This can be done by clicking on my number 1 arrow, scroll down and select 12months own. Don’t select the one of 1year oo. The second thing is to click on continue button.

This mean you have successful purchase a free domain name on

Open a New Tab in Browser and Go to Your Freenom ClientArea Link and click on Domain Panel and then click on “My Domain” same below screenshot.

Free dot tk domain name


It will take to your Domain Page and click on “Manage Domain”. Like this-


Now click on Manage Freenom DNS and it will take you to DNS MANAGEMENT for

Free domain from freenom


First of all Select “CNAME Record” from type option then write “www” in Name and “” in Target and Leave TTL to 14440 .


Again to add another CNAME click on “More Records” and then write Host Name and Target that you got in error . You can do it same below image.

Setup your free domain name


OK you have added your CNAME records successfully Let’s add “A Record”. Clicked on More Records, select “A Record” from type and Leave Name to Blank and set TTL to 300. Set First “Target” to Again repeat this process and Add Second “Target” to, Third “Target” to, Fourth “Target” to like this Screenshot Below


You have done your job well click Save Change to get effect. Now! Just Wait around 5 to 10 minutes and then go to your Blogger account and got to Setting>>Basic>> Add a Custom Domain and enter your’t Forget to add www before domain name) domain and click on “Save”. Click on View Blog to see your custom domain.

Promote your blog for free

There are many ways to promote a new blog for free these are:

  • Facebook page
  • Reach out to bloggers in your niche for guest post
  • Create a great content on forum and link it to your blog.
  • Twitter account
  • LinkesIn account.

Start making money on your blog

To make money with your free blog, you need to create nice content. The one that will solve your reader’s problem.

you can sign up for Google AdSense and start making money with it or engage in affiliate marketing.

If you preferred video tutorial, you can visit this link to watch a great video.

Want more? Visit the links below:

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