With the help of improvement in technology, ones has been able to create an App and make money with it either with the placing of admob or just develop the app and place it on iTunes, Google playstore or even developing it for small scale business entity.

App making business has become a very lucrative business in Nigeria, USA, UK, South Africa and so many countries. Lots of people are making cool money online doing this business.

Just because the business has become something people often requested for, I’ve decided to write a detail article about how to build your own App even if you don’t have any programming language knowledge.

I know some people will be surprise that how is it possible, but with the help of vast improvement in technology we’ve been able to gathered some useful information for you today.

Websites to create your own App and make money 2019

Here are the best websites to create an app and make money:

  • GameSalad . ..
  • AppyPie. . .
  • AppInstitute. .
  • Goodbarber . .
  • AppMakr . .

Let’s look at their features one after the other.

  • GameSalad

GameSalad is an App developing company which allow their user to create App in some simple steps without any coding with the help of technology.

This website is purely base on Game making. You can be creating game and sell it on iTunes, Google playstore and so on.

Trust me, you don’t need any programming language skill to develop your preferred app with this website.

You can visit their website for more information.

Awwwn… I remembered when i first developed my first Mobile App i used this app builder website.

The tagline for this web-based app builder is: “Make an app, easy as pie.”

You start by choosing your app’s category, and then a basic layout. Then, by clicking through a demo of the app on a sample on-screen phone, you can adjust text, and add pages, colors, photos, media, links and more.

You have pretty robust control over the flow and architecture of the app, and the site is extremely responsive.

Pricing ranges from a free plan that embeds AppyPie advertising in your app and only lets you tweak your creation for 48 hours, to $15, $30 and $50 monthly plans that offer unlimited app editing and stepped-up platform distribution.

The $15 plan, for instance, allows you to build apps for Android only, while the $50 plan will cover all the major platforms including Microsoft and Apple.

How to create an App amd make money
  • AppInstitute

AppInstitute is another very responsive app builder website on my list here where everything seems perfect. You don’t need any coding skill to create your dream app with this website.

Though you have to pay monthly fee to launch your app. While every section you’d like to add are on their features

I’ve used, tested this app building website and found them to be okay for anyone who want to create mobile app but don’t know how to code.

How to create an App amd make money
  • Goodbarber

GoodBarber is also on my list here. This app builder website allow you to create your own app within an hour and still allow you to make make a preview before publishing it.

Its good with them, as they have a free and paid plans.

The site offers a 30-day trial after which it costs $32 per month for an Android app and $96 per month for Android and iOS.

How to create an App amd make money

You can visit their website for more info.

As the name implies.. Appmaker is a popular website where almost every app with out coding on the internet are built.

I can’t forget my experience with AppMaker when i was doing some research online. I found that they offer free plan but their $2 per month plan allow you to develop one app while $39 per plan allow you to create up to 10 app with appmaker Brand.

It excels in making icon-based apps. Just like AppyPie, you’re given a mock-up of a smartphone and you’re able to drag icons directly onto its face from a menu of choices at the right.

Google Play store or an iOS app on iTunes with no branding.


Conclusion on How to Create an App Even If You Don’t Know How to Code

The aforementioned five websites for app builder are all goods but let me tell you the truth, if you really mean business just try and learn some programming language skill which you will need to develop professional app.

But if its just for your normal website app or small business app you can go on to create using one of those five websites above.

Don’t forget you can contact me, if you’d like to learn some coding skill.

Let me give you one more bonus. Should I? Good!

  • AppsGeyser

AppsGeyser is totally free. They boast no fees, charges, subscription plans, or limits. There are over fifty different available templates to get you started and make creating the app even easier.

The site uses a preview screen to show what your app looks like, but I had a little trouble getting that to work consistently. Because it’s free, they don’t support the publishing of the app to the stores. They will get fifty percent of any monetization you do to make up for the cost.

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