How To Get Started Blogging in Nigeria (Ultimate Guide 2020)

Blogging in Nigeria is one of the easiest ways of making money in Nigeria, RIGHT!?

That’s what make money PDFs and On sale Ebooks tell you to sell their products/services to your innocent mind, truth is making money in Nigeria through blogging is very HARD.

It’s no easy task, just creating a blog the right way requires a lot of experience, not to mention running one.

Hundreds of blogs are created daily, within 2 –3 months most of these bloggers quit, Why?

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Reasons why people quit blogging

The reasons why people quit blogging in Nigeria has been shortlisted below.

Reasons why people quit blogging

  • Low traffic
  • AdSense Issues ( Low Earnings, Ban, No Approval )
  • Impatience
  • No Talent in Writing


Low Traffic


Digital marketing business with blogging in Nigeria

No matter how good a blogger you think you’ll be, when starting out traffic will always be at the bare minimum ( For some, just 3 -4 visits a day).

This is the biggest reason many bloggers quit, when you write 10 articles daily and expect 10,000 visitors to read through them the next day and it doesn’t happen, 1 week later yet still no traffic, its easy to know why people quit

But this is temporary, if you can wait for months (For some its years though) then one day you’ll get there (Hope, you need to be hopeful).


AdSense Issues

You’re probably wondering why I went ahead and mentioned Adsense directly instead of monetization as a whole. Truth is, right now Adsense is monetization, every new blogger that comes into the game first aims for an Adsense account approval.

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Why? it’s simple, Adsense gives you hope, the first few months of blogging all bloggers actually do is find any form of hope to keep them going and give them the signal that their handwork isn’t being wasted.

Adsense being super strict ( not as strict as by the way) disapproves blog applications without mercy daily, you need luck and when you don’t have that luck, they send you a message like this:

This is a very big discouragement for a lot of bloggers and often makes many quit after a certain period of time




New Bloggers are impatient, period. Next point, please.



No Talent in Writing

How To Get Started Blogging in Nigeria (Ultimate Guide 2020)

This is very common with new bloggers, when you know deep down that you suck at writing good articles I wonder what actually gave you a green light to even start at all.

Have you ever read an article on the web before and hated it to the point that you blacklist the Blog’s URL from your mind and browser?


I Have, Everyday


The point is, if you don’t have good writing skills then work on it before you consider opening your own blog.

You can learn how to write articles via YouTube and start Guest Posting on different existing blogs to get experience and master the art.

If you completely suck at writing, you can either try Vlogging or Hiring other bloggers to write for you ( You’ll pay of course).

Still, Want to be a Blogger Despite this? Keep reading.

Blogging is no child’s play if you’re in it to earn big bucks, it requires a lot of pain filled planning and effort in the long run.

(This is where the article actually starts, just wanted to warn you a little before starting)

In this article am going to be explaining from scratch how to get started blogging in Nigeria ( or anywhere else) & the aspects you need to know before you start.

Am not guaranteeing that your blog will be successful, that actually depends on you and how you take this whole blogging thing.

This article will only act as a guide to help you make up your mind and give insights into what you might face starting out.


What is BLOGGING? Really

Truth is, most of you reading this right now have very wrong notions of what blogging actually is. A blog is simply a website that is dynamic to an extent that it allows you to create additional pages (called Blog posts) around a topic, event, etc.

So to be a blogger, you don’t necessarily have to own a blog. Platforms like Medium allow you to write articles and earn from them via their membership.

Having your own blog comes with a lot of pecks though, for example, you can do this


and nobody would question you why you wrote in your local language, it’s yours after all.


Moving on…



What is a Niche, Selecting a Niche for your Blog

If you study any blog online right now, you notice something, each of the articles has something that relates them, this “Something” that connects blog posts is called a Niche, a Niche is a major topic or Problem your blog is providing Solutions too.


Example of Some Nigerian Blogs and their Niche include:


if you visit any of these blogs right now, you’ll find that 80% of their content concerns their niche (Blog posts, images, videos, etc).
Blogs are allowed to have multiple niches ( You can start with just one though, it makes things easier for new bloggers).


How to Choose a Niche for your Blog

  • You should have Good knowledge about the rich
  • You should be able to explain and write articles easily without much research
  • It should be something your passionate about


Good Knowledge:

Why many bloggers quit Blogging is because they can’t keep up with the Learning curve to write Articles daily. This is why you should be very knowledgeable about a niche before choosing it.

Writing & Explaining Process:

You should only consider a niche you can clearly explain well I.e choosing a niche about “Engineering” when you clearly have no deep understanding of Engineering.

This is why a lot of people give up, just make sure you can explain topics surrounding your niche well before deciding to go with it.


If you’re a new Blogger, what will keep you going ( till you start making money that is ) is simply passion, if you’re not passionate about your niche then you can never be passionate about blogging as a whole.

Before you select a niche for your new Blog idea just make sure its something you enjoy writing about.

I actually started this Blog because of the constant questions I kept getting daily from aspiring entrepreneurs and other bloggers. Since am knowledgeable to an extent in these areas, I decided to create a blog on these two major topics.

Best niches in Nigeria ( High traffic Niches )


Just so you know, selecting a niche you know, you can explain and that your passionate about just won’t cut it.
Truth is, in blogging there are some niches that are so irrelevant to the point that trying to blog about them is considered a waste of time ( I.e Blogging about your girlfriend, nobody cares – she might but no one else).


Here’s a list of the best high traffic Blog niches you can go for in Nigeria.

  • Music & Entertainment
  • Jobs and Vacancies
  • News ( and sub-niches)
  • School news and Registrations
  • How to Blogs ( cooking, DIY, etc )
  • Make Money Blogs
  • Phone and Laptop Reviews
  • Lifestyle Niche
  • Business Niche

There are more but this is the most popular niches with High search Volumes monthly ( In Nigeria ).

You can still go ahead and Create your own niche but just make sure you have potential Audience ( Facebook Group about it or a large number of people interested in it).

Ok, I’ve Selected a Niche and i have Good Knowledge about it, what Next?

Well, the next question would be

How & Where Should I start my Blog?

There are many platforms where you can start blogging on but only two of these platforms are Popular and have enough tools to help to blog easier.

  • WordPress
  • Blogger Blogspot

Now if you’re really serious about blogging then skip the Blogspot Route and start blogging on WordPress day 1.

People tend to make the mistake of starting a blog on Blogger Blogspot platform and after a while, they realize the limitations that come with blogger and issues such as inability to add new features to their blog, etc.

Just save yourself the headache and start your blog on WordPress, not saying Blogger isn’t a good platform though.

If you’re not 100% serious about blogging then you can blog on blogger platform and still be successful ( provided you know how to do on-page SEO without tools)


At this point, you should already have a niche in mind and know exactly what platform you should be blogging on.

With this down, you can finally get your Blog setup.


There are 2 ways in which you can Setup your Blog

  1. The Crappy Way
  2. The Non-Crappy Way (Literally)


The Crappy Way of Setting Up a Blog

Just go to youtube, watch a video on how to set up a blog ( WordPress or blogger ) and design your blog without any experience.

You end having a blog that looks like this


Crapy blog design

You mess up SEO, user experience, etc. Why? because of you’re a DIY person.

PS: You can go down this route if you like, just be careful when setting up a blog yourself.

Moving on…



The Non-Crappy Way of Setting Up a Blog

Easy, just hire a web developer to set it up for you. One thing about Blog setups is, you run into a lot of issues most of the time.

Either its concerns the design of the site or implementing a feature etc. just save yourself the headache and pay someone, PAY ME to help you out for at low cost.

I have setup/designed so many blogs on so many platforms to the point that it’s like a reflex action.

If you feel you need someone else to help you do this, simply visit Upwork or Freelancer and publish a Task about Blog setup.

This video below will guide you to start blogging in Nigeria with a blogger platform.



I hope you’ve found this article helpful enough to point you in the right direction blogging, this is just an intro as I’ll be posting everything you need to be a full-time pro blogger in subsequent articles.

What are your thoughts on how to get started blogging in Nigeria? Don’t forget to leave comment and share out to friends and family.

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