How To Make 2000 Naira Daily in Nigeria

In this post I’ll be guiding you on how to make 2000 naira daily either in Nigeria, Ghana or any where else.

Hello! Have you ever thought of business you could do that let you makes money steadily? You just need to familiarize your self with all these online stuff.

We all know the situation of this country, even a civil servant who’s earning 60 thousands monthly still not earning nothing because if you dived it, it will still approximately #2,000 daily.

Meanwhile, I’ve decided to write this article to help people on daily financial needs.

If you have a steady daily income of N2,000 you know that could also have little impact in your daily expenses.

How To Make 2000 Naira Daily

If you’re worried about how to make 2000 naira daily, then check my list below:

  1. Start online survey
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Freelance Writer
  4. Start Drop shipping business

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#1. Start Online Survey To Make 2000 Naira Daily

There are many online survey you can that will surely generate either 2000 naira daily or more.

I know more than 20 online survey that actually pay well, but I’ll only recommend the one I have participated and found to be trust worthy.

This online survey I’m about to recommend for you is called Ysense which was formally called ClixSense.

Have you heard about Ysense before? Do You know how they operate? Don’t worry I already have article to guide you through.

Follow this link to know more about Ysense online survey.

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#2. Affiliate marketing

Do you know what affiliate marketing is all about? This is a Program in which you apply to participate, which you will be recommending a product to people.

With the vast improvement in technology, everything has been made easy.

The company you affiliate with will give you affiliate link which when ever anyone use your link to either sign up or purchase goods, you’ll be rewarded.

Though almost all affiliate program on the internet would request for your blog before you can kick start.

But the one am giving you today you don’t need a website to start. Though you can earn much more if you could afford setting up a blog.

If you would like to participate in affiliate marketing without having a website, kindly click on this link.

#3. Become A Freelance Writer

Freelance writer? Oh my God! This is one of the trending business guys are doing to make cool cash online.

If you’re a type with a good writing skill you’re good to go.

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All you just need to do is to look for website that need writers and which are ready to pay good cash for the work. Where to find the website?

Don’t worry, I’ve compiled this article to help you get website that pay you to write for them. You can read about it here.

Meanwhile, at Newlygist here, we’re ready to pay you upto 1000 Naira per 2000 words article.

How to apply ? If you’re ready to write for us, we’re also ready to pay you. Kindly read details about it here.

#4. Start Drop shipping Business

Some people are just seeing the word drop shipping for the first time. Don’t worry you’re not alone, I’ll explain in detail.

Drop shipping business to make 2000 naira daily

What Is Drop Shipping?

This is a business in which you sell what you don’t have in store for people online.

For better understanding, drop shipping Nah one kind business wey be say you go dey sell wetin you no get for market.

How much to start this business?

You can start with zero naira unless you want to make it more professional that you just set up an e-commerce website.

How To Start Drop Shipping In Nigeria?

As I’ve said earlier, you can start drop shipping business with little or no startup capital. All depends on your pocket.

Meanwhile, we’ve decided to help you setup your drop shipping website at an affordable price, kindly contact us now

Where To Dropship?

If you’re a newbie, you can start on

Whenever your customer interested in your product, you ask for their address where the goods will land to.

You quickly go to Aliexpress, purchase the goods and fill in your customer address. Aliexpress will ship the goods directly to your customer place without any trace that its from Aliexpress.

Do you think i can make up to 2000 naira daily with this business? Absolutely yes, you can even make more than that.

Let me give you one more bonus, should I? OK read below.

#5. Become A Jumia Sales Agent

Have you heard about Jumia Sales Agent before? Sounds so familiar? OK let me elaborate more.

These are people that work with jumia to either help people buy their goods or deliver goods.

The best one to choose is that one of buying stuff. Jumia will give you affiliate link in which if anyone buy through your link jumia will automatically pay you N500.

Just recently jumia announced the increase in price from N500 to #1000 which means if someone buy through your link you get N1000 instantly.

What’s more special about this business?

You can return any goods that your customer buy through your link to jumia if something is missing.

How to make sales? You can create and join many WhatsApp group, Facebook groups and telegram group. Create broadcast message and send it out to people.

Conclusion On How To Make 2000 Naira Daily

As you can see all my aforementioned points remain legit, so to meet this target you need to put in hardworking.

Making 2000 naira daily is easy if you properly plan it well. You can combine all to make more than 2k.

Do you Want more ? Check the link below:

What’s your thought on how to make 2000 naira daily? Don’t forget to share out to family and friends.

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