Pepper Farming Business: How to make 30k Twice a Week in Nigeria

Hello guys today I’ll be exposing you into pepper farming business in Nigeria and the benefit of starting it as a business.

In the process of researching business opportunities in Nigeria, I have discovered that no one has any good reason to be poor. If you are poor, it’s either because you want to or you’ve not been properly informed.

 There are many things you could pick up today and walk yourself up there within the next three years. One of them is pepper farming.
I’m starting my pepper farming now wish I promise to share all my activities here for correction, learning and encouragement from everyone.
My goal is to generate at least 30k twice a week from my investment twice on a week…. We shall see if it’s possible or not, may God help me.
I’m planting herbanero pepper (Rodo) and jalapeno (bawa)
Got my hybrid seeds from technism, Avenir f1 and forever f1 variety . I have done the nursery by broadcasting it.
I did my nursery in a take away plastic which I hide in a safe place from the hand of rat, lizard and ant that normally pick the seed from the nursery bed. Some pictures attached


to get 60k weekly from a pepper farm u will need to have at least 1200 avenir pepper stands and that will be squeezed into 3 plots of land at 4feet× 4feet square spacing,it will start to yield from 100 days in dry weather and 120+ days in rainy season, hybrid fresh pepper is resistant to root knot nematodes, but it will be devastated by bacterial leaf spot and tobbaco etch virus, restricted entrance into the farm most be maintained , especially in the morning when it is wet with dew, spraying a cocktail of contact and systemic fungicide is a must every week, also pepper needs a special fertilizer of Epsom salts and cal-mag fertilizer,if u eventually gets it right you will see production of 5-7 bags every 4 days from a healthy 1200 pepper crop,today’s price for a bag is 7,000k, so the weekly target is achieveable, you must prune your crops once before it forms a Y branch by cutting off the top growing tip this will create a profusion of many branches that will translate to more yield, make the stems stronger and also the plant will not grow too tall.

in all pepper is an easy and straight forward crop to grow the only stressful part we encountered is harvesting the ripe fruits, from the pics shown it should have been in single grow bags and pruned already,we keep our crops in Single grow until they are ready to flower before they go out on the field.
Note that I’ll keep updating this post as my pepper farm stages move on!
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