How To Make Money On WhatsApp In Nigeria, Ghana, S/Africa

Did you know you can really make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria? Though out of 70% of Nigerians using WhatsApp only few people are making money with this App.

How to make money on WhatsApp

Should we say people don’t know they can make money using this App? Probably No! Because either one way or the other, they might have seen how people are making money using WhatsApp.

In this post, I’ll be guiding you on how to make money with WhatsApp either you’re from Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, all around Africa.

How To make money with WhatsApp

Here is how to make money on whatsapp in nigeria:

  1. WhatsApp Tv.
  2. Share your Affiliate Link.
  3. Ysense/ ClixSense.
  4. Sell your own product on WhatsApp
  5. WhatsApp group Tutorial.
  6. Mini importation business
  7. Jumia jforce

#1. WhatsApp TV

If you’re very active on WhatsApp you should have heard about WhatsApp Tv. Isn’t it? And if not, I’ll tell you about it today.

WhatsApp Tv is the new way WhatsApp users are making money on WhatsApp in Nigeria, S/ Africa, Ghana, every where in Africa.

How it works?

Before you can start making money on WhatsApp doing WhatsApp you need to firstly do research on what niche people are mostly interested to watch on WhatsApp.

Then you look for a way to get more WhatsApp viewers. This can be achieved by sending BC on WhatsApp group about your TV.

Tell people what your TV is all about and drop a link for direct message.

How to make money with WhatsApp TV

After you must have name your TV, source your viewers the next things is to start making money. But how does it work out?

You need to make your TV lively so that people will be eager to view your next post. Once you’ve started pulling out more viewers (up to 70+ per post)

Then you can start asking your viewers to place ads, by this time you don’t bill them too much, make it affordable so that they won’t run away. I hope you get the techniques?

#2. Share your Affiliate link on WhatsApp

Make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria

Have you ever heard about affiliate marketing before? It’s now the time you should start making money on WhatsApp using your affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing is just a way to make money online by recommending products and each time people signup using your link, you earn your cash.

But unfortunately the best affiliate program you could join would require you having a blog or website. Worry no more, I gat you my back!

Just because i always want to satisfy my readers, I’ll be dropping the list of affiliate marketing you can join that don’t require having a blog.

List of affiliate program that don’t require a blog

  2. Adfly

Now, let’s look at how to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria using these affiliate links.

How to use to make money on WhatsApp? is an affiliate marketing website which allow you to earn money by sharing out a link. Your wonder how this work right?

Assuming you already signup with and you found this useful article on newlygist the next thing is to log into your account and short this link.

After you’ve shorten this post link, they will give you a link which you share out on WhatsApp and every time you get 100 clicks on your link, you earn $5.

How to register

To participate in this affiliate program, you don’t need to go to there main website like that, you need to follow a link so that you can earn more.

Though I’m also a participant, and I’ve cash out more than $500 from this affiliate program. You can follow my link to join

How to use Adfly affiliate program to make money on WhatsApp

Adfly is also like, they perform the same function and you earn in the same way. It’s just like alternatives to

This website also pay you whenever you shorten a link and people click on that link.

I think i don’t need more explanation on this again? Since they work in the same way.

How To Register?

Do you want to know how to go about with the registration? OK, read below.

Just like, Adfly registration is very straight forward. You can click on this link to register.

Extra Bonus For You !

You get paid for every referral you made. Both Adfly and has affiliate program for the user where you invite people to join and you earn a referral bonus. 

#3. Ysense/ Clixsense As Another Way To Make Money On Whatsapp

If you’re an active reader of this blog, you should have known what Ysense is all about and how to make money with it.

But just because of those visiting this blog for the first time, I’ll be giving you all what Ysense entails.

Ysense is a website that pay you to complete survey on their site. This website which was formally known as ClixSense has been in existence for the past 10 – 15 years.

How to make money on Ysense using WhatsApp?

How to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria

Ysense is totally free to join. You don’t need to pay a dime to participate. All what you need is to signup and start taking some surveys.

Sometimes they will bring a survey that worth $2, $3, $5, even $10. Its depend on your location.

Apart from answering questions, watching video on this site, you can also play game and you earn another cash.

You can also invite your friends and family to make money on WhatsApp. Don’t over do this, do it in a matured way.

How To Register?

To participate in Ysense, you need to log to their website and fill out the registration form. You will need an active email to participate.

Meanwhile, if you still want to know more about this Ysense (Tricks and tips) you can read this article.

#4. Sell Your Own Product On Whatsapp

How to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria

Did you know you can start selling your own product to make money on WhatsApp?

You must have been seeing people making advert on WhatsApp groups, WhatsApp status, even through contact list.

So you can also make money on WhatsApp by selling your own product or advert for people in return of money.

To best achieve this, you need to join lot of WhatsApp group that goes along with your business niche, if not members of the group would count it as spamming.

I hope you really get it ? OK keep on earning mehn!

#5. Whatsapp Group Tutorial

Make money on WhatsApp from WhatsApp group tutorial

If you’re a type with a good talent, you can organise a Tutorial on WhatsApp by sending out broadcast message to your contact list and WhatsApp group.

By doing this you will see many interested people that would like to participate in your training.

You don’t need to hike price, just do it like #2,000 or #5,000 per head. If you can pull up to 100 or 50 people, you’ve already make good money.

Repeat the process time to time to earn more cash.

List of things you can tutor people on WhatsApp

Do you want to know the list of what you can tutor people on WhatsApp? OK, good!

To be eligible for this option (WhatsApp tutorial) you need to be skillful, you need to be creative and know how to communicate online.

Below are some list of what you can tutor people on WhatsApp:

#6. Mini Importation Business

Make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria by doing mini importation business

Are you still not okay with the already stated points above? Then mini Importation Business could be your choice!

If your an active WhatsApp user, you should have come across people sending lots of goods they sell on WhatsApp. These people are engaging in Mini importation business.

The fact still remain that mini importation business Ise one of the quick money making business business someone can do without regretting.

Though it’s all depends on how you plan your business, meanwhile I’ve provided you with link that purely guide on how to plan for mini importation business.

How to make money on WhatsApp doing mini importation

Mini importation business is very simple a and easy to do. I should say it’s one of the best business that thrive well on WhatsApp.

If you’re looking for a way to make money with WhatsApp doing this mini importation business, I’ll advice you to check this article where I’ve explained the step by step guide.


#7. Make money from WhatsApp through jumia Jforce

Make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria through jumia jforce

Jumia jforce could make you more money on WhatsApp if properly planned. The fact is you can earn more than 10k daily doing this business.

Though not everybody aware about this jforce of a things. Are you ready to know more about jumia jforce?

If yes, follow this link to read detail information information information about this WhatsApp money making business.

Extra Bonus!

WhatsApp money making app is another great way to earn money on WhatsApp which you can quickly download by typing WhatsApp earning app or apk.

Also there are still some list of WhatsApp affiliate program which I’ve already explained above.

Conclusion On How To Make Money on WhatsApp in Nigeria

Can you now see it’s very easy to make money with WhatsApp? Most people are just making monthly subscription only to catch fun on WhatsApp with earning nothing which is very bad.

You can combine all of them together to attain a good result in making your daily cash.

You can also watch this great video that explained in detail how you can make money with WhatsApp in Nigeria.

[penci_video url=”” align=”center” width=”” /]

Let me know if you’re unable to make money with WhatsApp by stating out your question using the comment box below.

What are your thoughts on how to make money on WhatsApp? Don’t forget to share this out to friends and family.

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