Small Poultry Farming Business: How to Start with 50k in Nigeria

Have you ever think on starting your own small poultry farm? Meanwhile with less than N50,000 you can setup your own small scale poultry business in Nigeria. In this post you will learn how to start a small poultry farm

Poultry farming is a very lucrative business someone can do to make quick money in Nigeria but sometimes its very risky if you don’t know what it takes to start this business.

Without wasting time, in this post I’ll be discussing how you can start your own small scale poultry business in Nigeria.

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How To Start Small Scale Poultry Farm

Here is how to start a small poultry farm in Nigeria:

  1. Select Your Small Poultry Farm Niche
  2. Find Your Startup Capital
  3. Farm Location
  4. Order Your First Stock
  5. Marketing Your product
  6. Start Making Money.

Note that at the end of this article I have provided a link to download our free eBook for better understanding on small scale poultry business in Nigeria.

#1. Select Your Niche

When starting any agribusiness, niche is very important and poultry farming is of various niche which are as listed below:

  • Broilers Breeding (Meat productions)
  • Rosters Breeding.
  • Layers Breeding (Egg Productions)

Breeding of Broilers for meat production

The term broiler is applied to chicks that have been bred for rapid growth. Broiler strains are based on hybrid crosses between Cornish White, New Hampshire and White Plymouth Rock.

In broiler production, there are 2 main production phases:

  1. Keeping of parent stock and production of day-old-chicken (D.O.C.)
  2. Growing and finishing of broilers.

The main factors of economic interest in broilers are to attain market weight of 1.6 to 2kg in eight weeks, good body conformation, high efficiency of feed utilization and low mortality.

The broilers consumes about 4-5kg feed with a conservation efficiency of 2:1 to 5:1, the faster the growth rate the better the efficiency.

Feed accounts for 70% or more of the cost of producing broilers. Mortality should not exceed 5 % to minimise the cost of chicks which accounts for up to 20-25% of the production cost of broilers.

Requirements for breeding a Broiler

Do you wish going for broilers? Read what it takes below:

  • Broilers require higher levels of certain nutrients like protein with the amino acids and also energy.
  • The Broiler chicks require a higher starting temperature of about 350C reduced gradually to environmental temperature.
  • Broiler can be stored at higher rate with higher ventilation rate and a narrow house not exceeding 7.2m, free of internal fittings and partitions that may impede straight –through ventilation.

Traditionally, broilers are reared on deep litters, cage are rarely used except if it for experimental purpose . The floor must not be too hard because it can cause breast blisters, cyst –like growths on the keel which disfigure and cause carcass downgrading.

Mass brooding is good for broilers and heat may be provided by hot air flowing across the floor with a progressive drop in temperature as the birds grow older.

A batch system of broiler production involves the cropping of all the chicks at one time and thorough cleaning and fumigation of the house.

Breeding of Layers for egg productions

Layers are efficient egg producers, breeds used for egg production in the industrial production system are almost entirely based on the White Leghorn and Rhode Island Red.

Selection and crossbreeding techniques have resulted in productive laying hens producing 15 – 19 kg of eggs per year.

In layer production, sometimes 2 phases of production are recognised:

  1. Growing phase up to approximately 140 days; and
  2. Productive phase from 140 – 560 days.

If you’d like to start egg production poultry business in Nigeria, you can order for our premium eBook which we have include all what you need to succeed.


Roosters may be produced with male and female chicks. Usually, males of dual-purpose hybrid are used.

The females of these hybrids are commercially suitable as layers, while both the females and males, and particularly the latter, are suitable as table birds.

The same hybrids are suitable for producing poussins.

The hybrids of the birds used are the Rhode Island Red, Sussex Plymouth Rock and sometimes the meat strain of the Leghorn. The birds are reared as pullet chicks with adequate floor space and on the growers diet.

#2. Find Your Startup Capital to start small poultry farm in Nigeria

As proposed in the article title, our target here is less than N50k start up capital. Yes you can achieve this, just keep reading!

There are many ways you can get your start-up capital, you can request a loan from Bank of African (Agric loan) and source it out anywhere else.

With less than 50k, let’s say you wanted to start small poultry farm with 40k and if you are like me that like economize all my spendings you’d just follow the steps below.

  • Build A Local Poultry House: You can reach out to any Carpenter near your location, tell him to help you build your poultry house and with 10k, he can do this for you.
  • Order for for either day old or 2 weeks chicks: I hope you know the different between day old and 2 weeks chick? If you don’t, don’t worry I’ll explain it later in this post.

Stumbled on less than 50k startup capital, you know we’ve already spent 10k for housing. So the rest 30k or 35k is going for stocking of chicks, vaccine, and their food.

#3. Farm Location (Where to site your small poultry farm)

You don’t really know where to site your poultry farm? That shouldn’t be what you will be worrying at.

If there is a little space at the backyard of your house, you can quickly grab this opportunity and start your poultry farming business.

Hmmn, you thinking about the bad smell right..? Huh! That’s small thing, just keep reading you are not alone.

What Causes Smelling of The Poultry House?

The main things that causes smelling of poultry house are of two type:

  • Bird’s excretion
  • Wetting of dropped food during feeding.

Now, how you can control this? This can be easily control by;

How To Control The Bad Poultry Smell

This can be controlled by scheduling daily routine on the house cleaning.

When a Bird pass out excretion and clean didn’t follow either after some hours or the second day, this can cause a disease to birds and at the same introduce a bad odour to the community.

What you need to do is to always make sure you get this shii outer poultry premises at least thrice in a week. If not, the poultry house would smell like a rotten rat.

#4. Order Your First Stock

How to start small poultry farm in Nigeria

Do you wish to start this poultry business? Are you bothering about where to get your first stock? Don’t worry we can help you out.

Upon wishing to start this business, there are many places you can get your first chicks and start rearing them.

We can help you get any of the types of chicken you want. Either day old, or week older. And we will make it get to your location within weeks.

Another place to buy from is jiji but I’m guarantee you the best cox i haven’t order from this site before. Why not try us today?

To contact for any types of chicks you want, you can reach us on WhatsApp using this link.

How Much To Order?

Yes less if forget, you still have 30 – 30k left out. Being your first time of doing this poultry farming business, I’ll advise you to order for 10 – 12k’s own.

While you use the rest cash for feeding and vaccine in case your birds got attack by any of their diseases.

The different between this post and our premium eBook is that this one only analysis what you need and how to start but not really detail.

But in that eBook, you’ll get all what you need to succeed. We include starting from day old without death of any birds unless carelessness.

#5. Marketing Of Product To Increase Your Sales

We all know that poultry farming business is a seasonal business unless if you’re for occasional purpose.


Though there are many ways you can actually get people notice of your product which I’ll be stating below.

  • Get an e-commerce website for your brand
  • Reach out to Hotel Management
  • Inform friends and family about your product
  • Make use of social media handles.

Get an e-commerce website for your brand

If you can afford getting e-commerce website for your poultry farming business, you’ve gat more opportunity over your competitors.

This would enable your customers quickly get access to what you have for sale and how they can get in touch with you.

Do you wish to own one? Kindly contact us now, we’ll get you exactly what suit your business niche.

Reach out to Hotel Management

If you have connection with any of the hotel management you can use that opportunity to inform them about distributing chickens to them.

Don’t know any of the hotel personnel? OK, you can reach out to near by Restaurant, tell them about your product and beg them to patronise you.

Inform Friends And Family About Your Brand

Yes another great way to make good sales is to inform all your friends and family about your poultry farming business.

By doing this, they will contact you if they need your service and if they see any opportunity that will bring in more sales for you they won’t hesitate to inform you.

And also during festivals and other ceremonies they will surely patronise your small poultry farm.

Make Use Of Social Media Handles

Your amazed right? Don’t be surprised! You can really make good sale online if you properly make use of your social media handles.

You can start by creating a Facebook page for your poultry farming business, twitter page, and Instagram page. And do always post latest update about your brand.

#6. Start Making Money

You can”t afford to start making cool money both online and offline. Meanwhile this information don’t really cover all what you need to succeed in this business.

We’ve strived to compile a very detail eBook that will give you all what you need to start this business, amount of food to give your chicken every day, list of diseases that can infect your birds and how to cure them.

Now as promised, below is a link to download our free eBook and don’t forget there’s a premium eBook for a beginner at affordable price.

Download The Ebook Now!

And you can also watch this video to understand more.

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What are your thoughts on how to start a small poultry farm in Nigeria? Don’t forget to share out to other serious farmer.

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