iPhone 6 plus

iPhone 6 plus price in Nigeria UK used.

The iPhone 6 plus price in Nigeria UK used is special to Apple’s iPhone history because it’s Apple’s first ‘phablet’ handset.

which means “a smartphone having a screen which is intermediate in size between that of a typical smartphone and a tablet computer”.

Having a screen size of 5.5 inches and resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. The 6 Plus has set a trend that’s still going strong today.

A big iPhone screen size makes a lot of sense when combined with the Apple Watch.

Having the Apple watch on your wrist, the idea is you won’t need to bring out the iPhone from your pocket or backpack all the time considering the size.

Apple’s first phablet is still the best to consider if you’re looking for an affordable iPhone device with a big screen.

iPhone 6 plus
iPhone 6 and 6 plus screen size difference

Having a bigger screen means you have a wider view of all activities and task you want to perform on your phone and do your work remotely.

The iPhone 6 Plus is a bigger size version of the iPhone 6, that’s exactly what it looks like.

There’s more to the iPhone 6 plus price in Nigeria UK used than just the screen size.

The major difference is the huge 5.5-inch screen size, but some other changes make it a very special to its previous version.

The iPhone 6 plus price in Nigeria UK used is a quality phone that has perfect quality fit and finish and one of the best focus point-and-click cameras you can find on a phone.

Unlike other previous iPhone’s the iPhone 6 plus has excellent stamina, long lasting battery, very durable and strong.

The iPhone 6 plus price in Nigeria UK used plus has a lot of top features, but there’s no doubt in acknowledging how big it is, which majority of it users appreciate and find very efficient for them to work with.

It can feel huge to iPhone 5S users who are already used to how portable is feels.

Anyone concerned by its size shouldn’t write it off as there is alot of amazing functionalities that come with the iPhone 6 plus.

It doesn’t take long to get used to it.

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iPhone 6 Plus: Design

iPhone 6 plus

Having a 5.5-inch screen size this might not seem so unusual now, when it first appeared it was a mixed feeling of nervousness and excitement for Apple fans, as it was a phone some thought would maintain a smaller screen size.

It also comes with a typically quality design.

The glass and aluminium back merge seamlessly together and the iPhone 6 plus price in Nigeria UK used feels great in your hand.

The iPhone 6 plus price in Nigeria UK used is very balanced and lightweight, which weighs about 172g.

You’ll feel very comfortable holding it for hours and about the screen, its so perfect that it fits for working remotely, HD browsing and watching movies on the go never felt any better.

Apple thought about previous screen size, knowing that having inaccessible sections of the screen with one hand can be a struggle and can result in some strained digits.

Solving this issue, Apple added a feature to the iPhone 6 plus price in Nigeria UK used that brings the top of the screen closer to your thumb which makes it more accessible.

Double tapping on the home button and the active area of the screen drops, giving you access to icons, address and search bars.

iPhone 6 plus
iPhone 6 plus price in Nigeria UK used

Not like the iPhone 6, which is slimmer, it doesn’t resolve all the issues caused by a big screen size phone.

You’ll still stretch a bit to get to the sides of the screen unless your hands are big, especially when texting.

Most people will need to use both hands to be comfortable in this scenario. Still, it’s an elegant solution that makes using the iPhone 6 Plus much easier day to day.

Same with the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus price in Nigeria UK used has the power button on the right hand side, about an inch and a half from the top. It’s quite easy to reach.

Asides the location of the side buttons the iPhone 6 plus price in Nigeria UK used handles well even when you’re using it with one hand. It feels like a quality product with superb built in functionality.

The iPhone 6 Plus feels both solid and soft at the same time.

It fits better in large pockets. Having a size of 158.1mm tall, 77.8mm wide and 7.1mm thick body fits into tight jeans, but not with much to space left. Its thinness helps it slide into pockets, which is an added advantage.

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If you’re happy with the current size of your iPhone, or if you struggle with larger phones, then i recommend you should go for the iPhone 6.

It’s a lot more pocket-able and big step up from the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.

If you want to go for iPhone 6 plus price in Nigeria UK used, then i recommend it as it’s perfectly worth it considering Apple’s leather case.

It provides a grippy surface to ensure you don’t mishandle your phone.

iPhone 6: Performance and Features.

The iPhone 6 plus price in Nigeria UK used is powered with the new A8 processor, which is an excellent chip that provides high definition experience for 3D gaming.

Which means that the 6 Plus is smooth on day-to-day operation.

The A8 is a dual-core processor running at 1.4GHz and is supported by just 1GB of RAM.

It sounds lame when compared to some Android phones like the Galaxy S5, which is powered with a quad-core 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 and 2GB RAM.

The 6 Plus in fact performs better than the Samsung in some graphic intensive tasks like playing games.

The biggest benefits of the A8 processor, is its graphical performance. The quad-core PowerVR GPU is perfect for high intensity 3D gaming.

Games look and perform brilliantly on the 5.5-inch HD screen which the 6 plus has.

The increased performance comes with some other benefits, too.

Touch ID fingerprint recognition feature, unlocks your phone quicker than it does on the iPhone 6.

The iPhone 6 plus price in Nigeria UK used also uses an M8 co-processor, a tiny processor that keeps track of all data created by the list of sensors.

iPhone 6 plus
6 Plus

What this means is that the 6 Plus can recognize altitude, so it knows if you’ve been climbing stairs or hills.

Fitness tracking apps can review this and provide more accurate information about your exercise routine.

Another thing about the M8 processor is that it’s energy efficient.

It means that when you’re not doing much with your phone your battery doesn’t drain as quickly.

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It limits phone functionalities to save your battery when it knows your phone idle and is in an area with no signal. Very smart indeed.

iPhone 6 Plus: Storage.

Like every other Apple phones, they have been provided with the option of adding a microSD card into its phones and the iPhone 6 Plus is no exception.

If you like to store loads of music, games or movies on your phone you’ll need to pay for the extra storage.

The 6 plus comes in three capacities: 16GB, 64GB and 128GB

iPhone 6 Plus: Camera.

iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6 plus price in Nigeria UK used camera

The iPhone 6 Plus has an 8MP iSight camera on its rear and a 1.2MP front FaceTime HD camera.

It’s a perfect quality camera, but the new 12MP iSight snapper on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus is a better quality offering.

iPhone 6 Plus: Battery Life.

The iPhone 6 plus price in Nigeria UK used stands out in its battery life, and is ahead of the iPhone 6 in battery life.

The 2,915mAh battery packs enough power to let the iPhone 6 Plus last two full days of reasonable use with the screen set to 50% brightness.

That’s far longer than most Android 3,000mAh battery can last.

Apple states 14 hours of video playback and 80 hours of music. I managed more than three hours and 45 minutes of high intensity 3D gaming, which is exactly the same as the Galaxy S5, but is a full hour more than the iPhone 6.

I also found myself having more than 75% battery left on my iPhone, which never happened when using the iPhone 6.

For my standard video test, i played a standard definition video non stop until the battery dies, the iPhone 6 plus price in Nigeria UK used battery managed just under 12 hours before shutting down.

That’s two hours more than the iPhone 6. The 6 Plus has a lot of lasting power.

As a matter of fact it is close to having the longest battery life of any smartphone I’ve tested.

If a long lasting battery life is very important for you then the 6 plus is the perfect option.

Why should You buy the iPhone 6 plus?

This can all be a matter of size. Can you use a big phone? If yes then you should get the iPhone 6 plus price in Nigeria UK used.

Battery life is one key factor and the 6 plus would never disappoint you.

If you think size is an issue, and you really want an iPhone then you should look to the iPhone 6. It is also an amazing phone.

The iPhone 6 plus price in Nigeria UK used is an excellent phone.

Everyone has different preferences depending on their needs and specifications, but if you do buy an iPhone 6 Plus then you won’t be disappointed.

iPhone 6 Plus Price and Specs:

iPhone 6 plus
iPhone 6 plus
Display5.50-inch (1080×1920)
ProcessorApple A8
Front Camera1.2MP
Rear Camera8MP
Operating SystemiOS 8.0
Expandable storageNo
SIM TypeNano-SIM


  • Perfect Call quality.
  • Brilliant Screen display.
  • Long lasting Battery life.
  • A perfect tool for work (amazing screen size of 5.5″).


  • Big phone size.
  • Only 1GB for RAM.
  • Radio FM is missing.
  • Lack of Dust proof and Water resistant.

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This my review on the iPhone 6 plus UK used price in Nigeria.

Do you have an iPhone 6 plus? Drop in the comment section your review and thoughts.

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iPhone 6 plus review.
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