iPhone 8

iPhone 8 price in Nigeria Uk used.

The special look of the iPhone 8 price in Nigeria Uk used kept every IOS user excited on what the experience of the new iPhone was going to be like.

The camera has been improved, long lasting battery life, a complete change in design as well introducing some genuinely useful new features.

Should you get the iPhone 8? Keep reading to find out…

iPhone 8
iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Design.

The size of the iPhone 8 price in Nigeria Uk used is about 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm. That’s a little larger than the iPhone 7, but would definitely fit inside the case of an iPhone 7.

The screen size is about 4.7-inch screen( we would discuss about this later in this article).

This alone makes the iPhone 8 price in Nigeria Uk used so unique, as there are no Android phones with such a compact screen.

The size fits so perfectly in your hand that it makes it a pleasure to hold and even use use one-handed, which could be one major reason to buy the iPhone 8 over other iPhones.

Another thing that makes the iPhone 8 price in Nigeria Uk used a bit more dated than its competitors is because you don’t get the less narrower frames on horizontal edges displays which the Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone X offer.

The aluminium body design has been replaced by a glass back, which allows for wireless charging and improves the wireless performance.

iPhone 8
iPhone 8

The glass back feels great, although, not quite as premium as the almost-ceramic metal case.

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It has a grippy feel texture that makes it feel more secure in your hands compared to other glass-backed phones.

This is backed up by the extra weight, 148g vs 138g of the iPhone 7.

I reviewed the white and silver model, that doesn’t show any fingerprints, even while using it without a case, I haven’t noticed any scratches yet.

Like you have on the iPhone 7 there’s no headphone port. It’s time to go wireless.

The stereo speakers sounds alot louder now.

A big difference in sound productions from other previous iPhones, one down side is it lacks bass for proper music listening. But of cos creates a pleasingly wide soundstage.

The iPhone 8 price in Nigeria Uk used is water resistant, with the same IP67 rating. That means it should survive in 1 metre of water for up to 30 minutes.

And finally on design, Apple have changed the colors available. This iPhone comes in Silver, Gold, and Black.

The Gold is the standout here. It’s much truer to real rose gold than the pink of Apple’s old rose gold. The old iPhone Rose Gold is now discontinued.

iPhone 8 SCREEN.

The iPhone 8 price in Nigeria Uk used features a 4.7-inch 750 x 1334 IPS LCD display and pixel density of 326 PPI.

iPhone 8
iPhone 8 screen size

Same pixel number as, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6.

That’s quite surprising, alot of IOS users expected the resolution to be more competitive like the Samsung Galaxy S8 (which runs on a QHD screens and pixel density of 570 PPI).

Having them side by side the difference is very noticeable, but in reality, you won’t be disappointed by the iPhone 8 price in Nigeria Uk used resolution. It’s very sharp enough.

Apple focused on improving the brightness and colour representation on the iPhone 8 price in Nigeria Uk used.

Apple installed the True Tone technology to the display.

This monitors the ambient light around the phone, and calibrates the screen to perfect it under your current lighting conditions which was first seen in the iPad Pro.

It results in bold colors and beautiful contrast, without out looking over-processed, like some competitors.

iPhone 8 Specs and Improved Battery Life.

The iPhone 8 price in Nigeria Uk used comes having Apple’s new and ultra fast A11 Bionic hexa-core (that’s six cores) processor.

This is far most powerful processor Apple has ever put in an iPhone.

Apple also narrowed down its storage options, now this iPhone comes with with 64GB, or 256GB.

The iPhone 8 price in Nigeria Uk used battery life is comparable to the iPhone 7, but we found it performed very well, far exceeding our expectations.

I am not talking about a two-day battery life here, but we found it comfortably lasted a day with mixed usage.

There’r two new ways to charge the iPhone 8 price in Nigeria Uk used, which are:

wireless and quickly (and yes, those are mutually exclusive).

The glass-backed design means that you can set the 8 down on a wireless charging pad and it’ll instantly start boosting up its energy.

It’s the ‘Qi’ standard, so you won’t need a special Apple wireless charger for this to work.

On-board is fast charging, yet you’ll need to buy an additional USB-C to charge cable and fast charger to do this.

About the camera, this is where it gets interesting.

iPhone 8 Camera

iPhone 8 Camera

The iPhone 8 price in Nigeria Uk used has a single 12mp f/1.8, optically stabilized,wide-angle rear camera system, similar to the iPhone XR.

Though without the focus-pixel and segmentation mask generated Portrait Mode, or any of the Smart HDR features that came with more recent versions of the A-series Bionic chipsets.

iPhone 8 SPECS.

Dimensions158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mm
Display4.7 inches, 750 x 1334 pixels
ProcessorApple A11 Bionic / 2GB RAM
Storage64 / 256GB
Battery1821 mAh
Camera12MP sensor, f/1.8, OIS, quad-LED (dual tone) flash
iPhone 8 Specs


  • Retro Glass Body.
  • Faster A11 processor.
  • Enhanced water resistance.
  • Face ID Facial Recognition.
  • Longer wider than iPhone 7.
  • Removes Top and Bottom Bezels.
  • Take More Photos, Use Less Space.
  • 2700 mAh, Wi-Fi wireless charging.
  • Two-factor Authentication on iPhone 8.
  • Record iPhone 8 Screen, No 3rd Party App.
  • USB-C replaces Apple’s Lightning connector.
  • Upgraded iPhone storage options started at 64GB and 3GB RAM.
  • More advanced water resistant capability up to 30 minutes in 1.5 meters (5 feet) of water.


  • Thicker and heavier.
  • The lack of SD card slot.
  • Only 3 colors: black, silver and blush gold.
  • Apple iPhone 8 may not have iris scanner.
  • 92% of 8 is made with Glass, Chance to break.
  • Limit Wireless charging distance: within 15 feet.
  • No Headphone Jack, Use converter ta attached headphone
  • iPhone 8 chargers won’t be compatible with older iPhone models.

iPhone 8 in Conclusion.

The iPhone 8 price in Nigeria Uk used is an excellent smartphone. The battery life is long lasting (about 13 hours), the camera improved, and the addition of wireless charging adds convenience.

I like the glass-backed design also, and, thanks to the small screen it’s one of the most comfortable phones I’ve ever used.

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This my review on the iPhone 8 price in Nigeria Uk used.

Ever used an iPhone 8? Drop in the comment section your review and thoughts.

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