iTunes or App Store gift card to your iPhone in 5 simple steps: How To Add


Gift card can be added to your iPhone in a few simple steps.


  • There are two ways you can add an iTunes or App Store gift card onto your iPhone , either by manually typing in the gift card number or by scanning its barcode with your phone’s camera.
  • Loading an iTunes gift card onto your account via your iPhone makes it quick and easy to apply the credits to purchase apps, songs, or movies from the App Store and other Apple apps.

As the holiday season wraps up, many are likely starting to wonder what to do with that iTunes gift cards that they received as a present.

The good news is the iPhone App Store has made it very easy to add your iTunes gift card on your iPhone. In five simple steps, you will be able to apply those iTunes credits to purchase a variety of apps, music, shows and movies from the App Store and other Apple apps.

Here’s how to add an iTunes gift card from your iPhone (note that the same method can be used on an iPad as well).

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