Jumia Black Friday 2019: Date & How to win black sales

I’ve made this article available for those who would like to know more about jumia black Friday and how they can win a prize on jumia.

if you’re a type that already familiar with Jumia mall, now another flash sale is on its way when you can buy products at a cheaper or whooping price.

What is Jumia Black Friday?

Normally, Black Friday is a festival in Foreign countries whereby they tend to lower the price of products for a certain period of time.

In lieu of this, Jumia being an African Online store has promised to do similar things every year to celebrate this festival.

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So, Jumia Black Friday has become a yearly celebration whereby jumia Nigeria would slash the price of their goods to a lower rate.

Black Friday Sales

Below are what you can buy from jumia black Friday market:

Bakeware cutlery knife accessories, clothing shoes accessories jewelry, fashion clothing shoes accessories, arts craft sewing sewing, foot health respiratory aids, appliances dining entertaining kitchen, components printers scanners monitors, care medications treatments alternative, hp pavilion 15 dell Inspiron 15, painting drawing art supplies, dining entertaining kitchen utensils, health respiratory aids accessories.

You can also get mice printer ink toner, computer components printers scanners, gadgets cookware coffee tea, drives laptop accessories computer and so many more.
If the goods you intended to buy is not listed, you can use their search bar for a quick process.
Jumia Black Friday 2018 Date

The last year’s own was on the 2nd of November, around 12 am mid-night, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th of November, 2018.

Many people won prizes during 2018 flash sales and their pictures were taken for testimonies that they do give you what exactly you win. Check the screenshot below;

jumia black friday 2018 review

As you can see from the screenshot above, a guy won ELEPAQ 2-8KVA Generator that worth 61,000 thousand nairas with the sum of 600Naira.

Another whoop prize winner won iPhone Xs Max that worth 499,000Naira with a sum of 5,000Naiara. Check the screenshot below.

jumia black friday winner

The easiest way to win a prize these years own is to stay awake as early as 11:30 pm and make sure you download the app before the day.

Jumia Black Friday 2019 Date?

The 2019 black Friday date was scheduled to start from November 8, 2019, and end on November 29, 2019. Which means the festival would be on 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th.

The 2019’s treasure hunt has not been displayed yet but they said it is one product (That is, 14 treasure hunts with one product each)

see the screenshot of some flash sales below.

Jumia black friday date 2019

How to Buy From Jumia Black Friday 2019

Below are all that you need to make sure you win the treasure hunt and successfully place your order:

  1. List out your preferred goods you would like to buy
  2. Reserve the cash and make sure your atm card works.
  3. Focus mainly on the flash sales deals, as they are the best.
  4. Make sure you have a data connection
  5. Visit the official website 30 minutes before the event.

jumia black friday


To avoid ending up with goods you wouldn’t like, ensure to list out all that you would like to purchase from jumia black Friday before the day of the event. This is because lots of items will be available for sales with a less price tag.

So it is advisable to list all the goods you’re intending to buy.


Don’t forget to reserve some cash for this event because you may lucky to order for the best treasure hunts. Why won’t you reserve money? or do you even know this treasure hunts I’m talking about is 99% off the price?

Ensure to have 20 – 50k in your bank account that has a working atm card.

Do you know what I meant by working ATM card? By default, not all atm cards can do online transactions but there is form to fill in the bank that would enable your card to make online transactions.

I hope you get my point? Good!


Jumia Flash sales are those items listed for sale on jumia during the black Friday’s sessions.

To win this flash deal, you stay awake when others are sleeping in midnigh.


Everyone knows without a data connection, internet browsing won’t be available. To make sure you buy the best hunt you must be internet-connected.

While there are ranges of data you can do that will be okay for this event, below are some list:

  • MTN Data bundle
  • GLO Data bundlesee
  • AIRTEL Data bundl
  • 9MOBILE Data bundle
Subscribe for MTN data bundle to be able to participate on jumia black Friday

To subscribe for MTN data DIAL *131# and select the plan you can afford. Or better still, kindly visit their official site for the available data plan.

GLO Data plan

Are you a Glo user? Not a b things to choose one network as a preferred one. But in a case like black Friday sales, you should endure to have alternative network if at all your preferred one fuckup you will just switch network.

To subscribe for Glo data you can quickly dial *777# and select the one you can afford. or better still, visit their official site for the latest bundles.

AIRTEL Data bundle

Now that airtel offer 4G a network, I think their data can sustain you overnight.

To subscribe for airtel data bundle, just dial *141*1000# or visit https://www.airtel.com.ng

9mobile/ Etisalat Data bundle

If you really want to win this jumia black Friday treasure hunt, Etithe salat data bundle is the best option for you.

There is no place their network dondoesn’tist, they also have a 4G data connection. What you just need now is to dial *229# or visit https://9mobile.com.ng and select the one you can afford


The next of action is to visit jumia black Friday official website by typing https://www.jumia.com.ng/black-friday/

But it is advisable to have the app because there are some limitations to what their website offers. if you would like to download the black Friday app kindly follow this link.

To place an order on jumia BLACK Friday 2019, please kindly watch this short video to know more about how to win this year’s Black Friday prize.

[penci_video url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGhcFqJ-pDI” align=”center” width=”” /]

What are your thoughts on these hints I just gave you about jumia black Friday?  Don’t forget to share out to other interested friends and family.

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