Sometimes its of good benefit to think of ways you can quickly make money as a student in Nigeria university.

You don’t need to break a bank, go into internet fraud or do something related before you can start making cool cash as student.

All what you need to become an independent student has been highlighted in this post, just keep reading as something good gonna come up.

Earning up to or even more than N30,000 in a month isn’t something much for a student in Nigeria university like you to start making but it requires some techniques which are:

Firstly before you can think of going into some side hustle stuff you need to make sure your doing well academically, at least you should be a 2nd class upper student or else..

Don’t worry your not alone, all what I’m gonna state here won’t affect your studies except you thinking of failure your self.

But let me tell you this, failure is not a disease and at the same time there’s no any excuse for failure which means you have to read extra mile when test or exams approaching.

I’ve been doing this blogging business and freelance writer since my 200level days and yet I’ve not fail any courses which means I’m a good example my self. I’m now in 400level

So today I’m going to share from experience what you could do as a student in Nigeria university to make money (big time) let’s keep going..

Table Of Content

Here are the Ten amazing ways to make money as a student in Nigeria university

  1. Setup Educational blog.
  2. Become a photographer.
  3. Become a laundry firm
  4. Do Agent to agent work.
  5. Compile exam past questions.
  6. Sell used handbook to freshers or junior colleagues.
  7. Organise tutorial for Jamb, Waec and Neco students.
  8. Start mini importation business
  9. Start a beauty saloon.
  10. Do some part-time job

Now, let’s take it one after the other for better explanations.

#1. Setup Educational Blog To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria University

Setting up an educational blog can really makes you more money while still an undergraduate student and even after school.

Setup Educational blog to make money as a student in nigeria university

You don’t need to set up entertainment blog like naijaloaded as a student because that would be something so stressful and it may affect you academically.

Read also : How blogging career can make you a first class student

All what you need is just an educational blog where you will be publishing anything educational like admission update, scholarship update how to do this and that …

You get my point right? With this you can’t wait to smile to bank.

To get started with this you need a professional website that will enable you to make money through your blog in different ways.

If you know how to create a website, go on with it and start making money but if you don’t you can read this my great article on how to set up an educational blog in Nigeria.

But if you don’t want to stress your self i can help you develop a good looking wordpress website that will make you professional at an affordable price. Kindly contact me now!

#2. Become A Photographer To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria University

Become a photographer to make money as a student in nigeria university

Mehnn… This one is what they called big fish. If you’re type with photographic skill you can go for this one and if you don’t have the skill you can quickly learn it from expert and start making money.

You can make cool money with this skill in many ways which are
  • Become a campus photographer by taking pictures of student during matric or convocation ceremonies. You can as well offer to take student’s passport and make money.
  • Another way is to attend ceremonies during the weekend and take people’s wait and get pictures.

#3. Become A Laundry Firm

Did i just heard you say god forbid? Kai.. Don’t say that, its not a dirty work.

You can set up a laundry firm and charge at least N150 per shirt which mean complete cloth will fetch you N300.

Assuming you’re able to collect 10 cloths per day that’s 3k.

I know what your thinking. You can’t really wash more than 5 cloths per day?

You don’t even need to wash it your self as there are some women out there who really looking for whom to manage with.

This type of women wash cloths for dry cleaner. You can employ them and give them N50 per shirt and if they wash complete cloth you give ’em N100

Yes, N100 is not too much. Because your the one that will iron and package it. Plus the detergent soap you will provide.

#4. Do Agent Work

Wow.. This one really make sense, what you just need is to get connected with the hostel landlords telling them you would like to be their agent.

Now through your school WhatsApp group, advertise the available hostel for student by stating out the features included in the hostel.

Get customers and earn your own percent as the agent involved.

The sweet thing in this is that before you can take any student to any available hostel you collect N1,000 for transportation fee and if at the end the student involved don’t later like the hostel, you don’t loose at all.

Also some people add a sum of N5,000 for the first payment a student would pay for hostel while some add up to N10,000

You just need to start this business because it won’t take much of your time and you earn extra mile.

#5. Compile Exam Past Questions

Are you a scholar? Did you know how your lecturers do set exam questions ? If yes, this ideas is for you.

Without wasting much time, get a pen and start compiling all the test and exams questions you’ve past through (from 100level to your current level)

All what you need to get started is a laptop or if you don’t have a laptop you can make use of your smartphone.

Compile every level’s past questions using adobe reader on your smartphone and visit any computer centre to print it out for quick sales.

#6. Sell Used Handbook Or Materials To Fresher Or Junior Colleagues

As smart undergraduate student in Nigeria university you don’t need to be told before you find a way to make money.

You see all those used materials or handbook you’ve used during your previous level, you can actually turn them into cash instead of Thruway them.

What you need to do is to repackaged them and sell it at a lower price to the normal price they will get it in school.

Without no doubt, students will rush you and before you know it you’ll be smiling to bank.

#7. Organize Lesson For Jambites, Waec And Neco Students

This one require you to be social. You just need to join Jambites, GCE, Waec and Neco students WhatsApp or Facebook groups.

Try to let them know your an undergraduate student, at first offer a free tutorial for some of them. When you see the thing has turn something good you can start charging them fee.

To start this business you don’t need any startup capital. You can as well look out for people looking for private teacher for their children and start making money.

#8. Start Mini Importation Business

Mini importation business is another great job an undergraduate student can venture in. It doesn’t take much of your time and at the same return some cash into ya pocket.

Though not every student know about this mini importation business of a thing. But don’t worry Check out this post from a friend to learn more about Mini Importation Business In Nigeria.

While choosing mini importation as your side hustle to make money as a student in Nigeria university you can start importing goods like

  • Ladies wears
  • Men’s wear
  • Cooking utensils for student
  • Footwear and so on.

Don’t forget to check out how to start mini importation business in Nigeria.

#9. Start a beauty salon to make money as a student in Nigeria university

Did you know both male and female students often do new new hair styles? You can become campus beauty salon by offering this skill to your colleagues in the university at an affordable price which will make them patronize you timely.

If your a guy or gal with this skill you can start monetizing it even without having a beauty shop. All you need to do to get started are:

  • Print a handbill
  • Get barbing salon kits
  • Start making money

But if you don’t have this skill you can as well learn it from any salon you know around you.

#10. Do some part-time jobs during holiday

During holiday you can quickly grab some part-time opportunities which will fetch you more money. Some if the part-time job available for Nigerian university students are

  • Ushering job
  • Sales representative
  • POP and tiles workermanship

Conclusion on what you could do that makes you more money as a student in Nigeria university.

The good news about all the stuff listed above is that its not only meant for male students as female student can also grab the opportunity.

While engaging in those work you won’t really rely on your parent or guardian. Which means you’ve become half self dependent student.

Yes its half because no matter what, your parent or guardian will still pay your school fees.

What’s your thought on these ten amazing ways to make money as a student in nigeria university ? Kindly use the social media icon below to share out to friends and family.

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