How to Make Money with Your Smartphone in South Africa (2019)

make money with your smartphone in south africaIn this guide, you will learn how to make money with your smartphone in south africa, Nigeria, Ghana and even all around the world.

Did you know with that your smartphone you can actually start making cool money online? Even without undergoing much stress at the comfort of your home.

Without wasting time let’s go straight to the main topic.

How to make money with your smartphone in south africa

Below are what you could do to make money with your smartphone in south africa:

  1. Become A Freelance Writer.
  2. Do Online Survey.
  3. Start A Blog.
  4. Learn Website Design.
  5. Start Mini Importation Business.

Are you okay with what i listed above? Good, let me quickly take it one by one and give detail explanation on them.

#1. Become A Freelance Writer

If you ever want to make money with your smartphone phone in south Africa, writing for money is one of the best way to make good money.

There are many websites that are ready to pay you to write for them, but you need to select the high paying ones.

Do you know with this business you don’t really need a laptop at a start? You can be using your smartphone pending the time you can afford a laptop computer.

Meanwhile I have written a post on 10 websites that will pay you to write for them, you can check it out and start making money online.

Another Good new here is that, if you’re a type that can write up 4,000 words on business niche we’re ready to pay you to write to us.

Are you ready to write for us and earn money and backlink to your website in return? You can quickly check the requirements here.

How to earn more cash with your smartphone in South Africa doing freelancing online?

Apart from the 10 website in the link above there are other freelancer website that let you showcase your writing skill and earn cash in return.

Examples are upwork, fiverr, freelancer and many more. These website connect you directly with clients, they will give you work and you earn money.

#2. Do Online Surveys

Do you know what online survey mean? These are website that pay you to complete surveys on their website.

It may be video survey or answering of online questions. You can’t wait start making money with your smartphone doing online survey.

I’ve been into online survey and i know how profitable it is. You don’t need to invest money, it’s totally free.

While I’ll recommend Ysense which was formally known as ClixSense as one of the best online survey you can start doing for quick money.

If you’d like to start making money doing online survey on Ysense click on this link.

#3. Start A Blog To Make Money With Your Smartphone In South Africa

Blogging is one of the best online money making business one could start with smartphone in South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and all around the world.

Starting a blog is easy as it’s of two ways. Is either you learn it and start creating your preferred blog or you pay an expert in the filed.

Thankfully, we have decided to help anyone reading this post create a professional website and optimise it for SEO.

If you would like to launch your website at an affordable price you can contact us now!

You want to know how to create a wordpress website? Read this my free guide on how to create a blog.

#4. Learn Web Development From Expert

With the knowledge of web development you can actually start making money online with your smartphone. Its not a must you have a laptop before you can start.

Web development is totally different from web design. Do you want to know the difference? OK good.

Web Developers are those who create website either from scratch (Manually) or by using CMS like wordpress software.

Having this skill make you a professional man.

And also in this post I’ll teach you how to make money with your smartphone in south Africa by working as a Web Developer.

How To Become A Web Developer In South Africa?

Becoming a website Developer is not a day job, yet you can still learn how to do it within a week and start making money.

I have a well written article plus video and PDF (eBook) to guide you all through.

If you’d like to enroll for this you check the link below.

Enroll for my paid online training to learn how to develop website of any type.

#5.start Mini Importation Business

Mini what? Yes mini importation business!

This is what most guys has been doing for while to make money with their smartphone in south Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and many other African Countries.

Mini Importation Business is just all about buying goods directly from company distributing it down to your country.

The good news about this business is that you can start with as low as $100 and before you know it, it would enlarge.

How To Start Mini Importation Business?

There are many site to start mini importation business in South Africa but I’ll recommend you buy all your goods from china.

Why China ?? I recommend China because they produce all what you want and sell it at a cheaper price.

Though there are many China mini importation site but the best one is

Why i recommende ?

I recommend this site because they sell the cheapest product in the world, but just that its not easy for a newbie to buy from this site unless they undergo training.

By this, I’ve compiled an intensive training on how to start buying from plus video and updated eBook.

Conclusion On How to make money with your smartphone in south africa

Can you now see it is easy to make money online using someone’s phone? Meanwhile, all those 5 points above still remain the best ways to make money online.

Online business is real and easy to make money if one plan it well.

Are you ready to start making money with your smartphone in south Africa? Don’t relent in any field you later choose.

What’s your thought on How to make money with your smartphone in south africa ? Do share with your friends and family!

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