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4 Tips to Make Your Android Phone’s Battery Last Longer

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Make Your Android Phone’s Battery Last Longer.

There is no doubt that Android is taking over in the mobile and technology industry, as a matter of fact you probably reading this from one. With the rise in use of the Mobile OS(Operating system) platform, various apps (and their updates) have been developed to make every day life easy for business, entrepreneurs etc. A number of factors contribute to not allowing your Android battery life last, just to mention a few ; brighter screens, faster processors, background processes, internet speed and so on.

In the version 6.0 Android Marshmallow; Google added specific features, which puts the phone to sleep when its idle, well of cos when urgent notifications (text messages). With this feature added to this version battery optimization is intended to give your phone a good boost, but there are specific things you can do to make your battery life last longer.

Always Use Power Saving Mode:

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There is always going to be that time, where you need to preserve your battery life to let it last longer than it normally does. Switch your phone to power saver mode, which automatically disables most functions that drains your battery life.

On the Samsung Galaxy s7 edge (#73,000.00 available here) , for instance, there are two categories. first option reduces the display brightness, processor speed, and network usage. The second reduces your phone to essential app and specific services.

Samsung phones also have Device Maintenance mode, which erases out crashed apps, bad pieces of data, and other unnecessary junks in the cache that can take up memory on your phone and drain battery.

Wi-Fi Helps:

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You might not know it but connecting to a Wi-Fi helps preserve your phone energy. This is because connectivity is gotten from an external source and not directly from your mobile. Mobile Network data is stressful on your battery, so use Wi-Fi whenever possible. You can stop your phone from using mobile data by turning off mobile data services from the quick settings panel on your phone. You can also make use of Airplane Mode to stop all data network features and turn on Wi-Fi, though this will stop incoming calls and SMS texts from your phone.

Reduce Your Screen Brightness:

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Android phones there days have made screens look really nice, but unsurprisingly, resolutions and screen brightness always drain your phone energy. You actually don’t need your android screen brightness turned up to the highest, asides draining your battery, it’s also bad for your eyes. You can adjust your display settings and reduce the brightness of your phone screen. Your eyes and phone energy would be grateful *winks*. You should also consider disabling auto brightness, which adjusts based on your perceived needs but can also raise the brightness of your display higher than it needs to be.

Rethink Wallpaper and Widgets :

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Avoid using motion wallpapers this is because it drains power for your display to animate. A good idea is to use wallpapers or screen savers with fewer colors, since the display will eat up more energy if it needs to render a lot of different colors.

Stay away from moving wallpaper, because it takes energy for your display to animate it. It’s also a good idea to limit yourself to a background with fewer colors in it, since the display will eat up more energy if it needs to render a lot of different colors.

While widgets are tempting to use, they are essentially an active program usable right from your home screen, so the phone uses energy keeping the feature running more like background processes. As a Tech professional its advisable to not use widgets if your phone battery life is important.

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