Microsoft Vs Apple Computers.

Microsoft Vs Apple

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Microsoft and  Apple operating systems, made by Microsoft and Apple  respectively, are two different types of computer designs with their own strengths and weaknesses. If you are looking to purchase a computer for your business, it’s helpful to know how the two operating systems differ to see which one would be appropriate for use by you and your employees. Many of their differences are purely cosmetic, but others are significant, including their built-in system tools, available applications, and overall usability.

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Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Windows’ trademark design is its Start menu, the globe with the Windows logo where all files, folders, and applications can be found. Mac OS has Finder, very much like Windows Explorer, and the Dock, a small strip of application icons at the bottom of the screen for easy access to your most-used programs, similar to the taskbar on the Windows desktop. This is mostly a cosmetic difference: two ways of accessing your files and applications. Windows also keeps its Start bar at the bottom (you can move it to the top or either side) while Apple has its menu bar at the top. The placement of the close, minimize, and maximize buttons are also reversed: Windows has its buttons on the top right while Mac OS has its buttons on the top left.

Software Availability

Windows has claim to much more software because it is more widely used than the Mac OS. Many software companies simply don’t have the resources to develop for two different systems, so they choose the one with the most users. Many software companies do create versions of their products for the Mac OS, and other vendors create lookalike versions for the Mac, but the programs aren’t always as functional or stable as their Windows counterparts.

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