Nigeria is a great country in Africa. Most people refer to her as the giant of Africa but is this still true? Being one of the first countries to get independence in Africa, Nigeria played a huge role in the fight for the independence of her brothers.

But today, the brothers Nigeria fought for have overtaken her in lots of things. It is more or less like we have made little or no progress from were our colonial masters left us.

Why we are not progressing is the major question. A lot of people wonder if Nigeria is cursed.

Nigeria is not cursed. I will say Nigeria is the Israel of Africa. Then why is God’s own loved country not progressing you would ask.

My answer lies in the fact that Nigeria is a country with misplaced priorities. Using the ’Big Brother Naija’ show as a case study, let’s see why I say so.

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The total number of votes cast during Britain Got Talent 2017 was 6.2 million votes, while that of 2019 was three million votes. The total number of votes cast during the America Got Talent in 2017 was 52.1 million votes.

While the total number of votes cast in Big Brother Naija 2018 was 170 million votes. Note that most of the votes cast on Britain or America Got talent are free because you can vote on their websites and apps without paying a dime while Nigeria’s Big Brother vote costs N30 per vote and you can vote as many times as you want.


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Calculating 30 times 170 million gives us a total of 5.1 billion Naira while the winner goes home with prizes worth 60 million Naira. Even an approximate amount of 40 million Naira covers their feeding, upkeep, and weekly pay expenses.

So, who are we deceiving expect ourselves thinking that our votes are keeping them in the house when in reality, we are essentially funding the show leaving them with billions of Naira as profit.

An average Nigerian earns N42,500 per month. This individual will pay house rent, electricity bill, transportation, upkeep, buy food and subscribe to all the subscribe-ables and then still vote on Big Brother Naija.

I’m not trying to discourage voting on Big Brother, the point is trying to make is; to Nigerians, Big Brother Naija is a priority that cannot be ignored.

You see people taking the show seriously but neglecting socio-economic issues and blaming the government for lack of progress. That average Nigerian will later come out and say Nigeria is not progressing.

The housemate they are voting to keep in the house is earning $750 per week for as long as they remain in the house. That makes N262,500 per week; which by far surpasses an average Nigerians six month’s salary yet we do so much to keep them in the house. misplaced priorities.

Organizations and people spend a lot to sponsor this show but less to sponsor academic events, talents, and entrepreneurs who are thriving to make a place in the market.

So much money and resources are used to sponsor a show with little or no academic, moral or social benefit.

Isn’t it amazing how the Government doesn’t see this as a threat to the youths (future leaders)? Yet they see Instagram; a social media platform that a lot of people use to raise money and create awareness for their services and talents as a threat and contribution to the laziness of the Nigerian youth?

How ironic! I’m not trying to discourage organizations or people from sponsoring shows, the point I am trying to make is that we should sponsor shows that add value to us and have a significant impact on our country, economy, and people.

Not shows that encourage immorality, laziness, and vices.

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In conclusion, this is a clarion call to every Nigerian citizen, organizations, influential people and Government to get our priorities right and to spend our money, resources and time on things like education, social amenities (good road, medical facilities, and well-equipped schools), good leadership, manufacturing and many more that are beneficial to us as individuals and has significant impact on our country.

It is important to remember that the change Nigeria is looking for is not abroad but here and we are that change. Let it begin with us. Remember that NIGERIA is just a name without NIGERIANS.


Written by Owoade Oluwadunsin

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