OPay App: New way to hail motorbike with your handset

ORide App download

OPay App download has been trending online since the launching of the company. ORide is an on-demand motorbike ride-hailing service created with the vision to solve the transportation challenge of getting people and goods to their destination, in a timely and safe fashion. ORide is a service featured in the OPay app.

ORide is the latest things in town among the youths and elderly educated men, yes I mean educated because this app operate in a way that illiterate people won’t even dare to give it a trial.

About Opay

OPay is a company founded by Opera Norway AS group in 2018 to offer unique payment solutions for businesses and retail customers in Nigeria, Kenya and across Africa. In August 2018, Opay was launched as a product in Nigeria and since then, it’s been on a journey of constant growth. In December OPay processed 11 Billion Naira working with over 5,000 agents.

What are the advantages of this offer over normal motorbike rider?

All ORide motorbikes come with a pre-adjusted speed limit of 60kmph. Also, the motorbikes have unique tracking devices attached to them and can be tracked online in real time”.

Both riders and passengers who take ORide are covered by comprehensive insurance and will also have access to 24hrs customer support service. In addition, Riders have access to healthcare.

Where can i download OPay App?

Since the launching day of this company in Africa, the Opay app are now available on iOS and Android or from the ORide website.

Customers can download the OPay app on Google Play store or iOS app store.

How exactly can i use the app to hail a motorbike from my present location?

As the heading imply, this is where we’re going. After you must have download the app the next things is to set it up. Below are the steps to get you started:

  1. Launch the app on your mobile phone.
  2. Register as a new user.
  3. Confirm your email address.
  4. Locate ORide icon and turn on your location.
  5. And select where you’d like to go.

Now let’s take it one after the other for better understanding.

Launch the app on your mobile phone

After you have downloaded the application either from the website or from Google play store, the next thing to do is to look for the app on your device, click on it to start your registration process.

ORide login

Register as a new user

Upon clicking on the app it will load to a new page where you’ll be ask to select your country and below it is a section left for you to input your mobile phone number. After that click on next for the second section to load.

see screenshot below;

Immediately you click on next, you will receive text message/WhatsApp message, it will contain your verification pin which you would be ask to verify your phone number. Click on next button.

The next step is for you to carefully type in your details, please don’t fill in fake information so that whenever you need to reset your account you won’t have problem.

OPay App

Email address verification

Its very important to verify your email address so that your account can stay secure, just after your registration process on OPay App you will receive mail message from OPay telling you to verify your email address with a link .

Next step is to connect your ATM card details for payment.

Note: the whole registration is free, all what you order for is not free but with a discount rate.

Locate ORide icon on your Opay App

On your Opay App look out for ORide icon, click on it. If your phone location is switch on already it will take you to where to hail motorbike. But if you don’t have your location on just click on it and switch it on.

OPay App

Check the screenshot above, look very well you will see where i locate my arrow. Below my arrow is an icon of a motorbike rider written as “Take a ride” click on it.

Select the location you’d like to go

OPay App location

Upon clicking on the ORide icon, your location will appear on the next page and you would be ask to select where you’d like to go. Select where you’re going and within some minutes you’ll receive a call from ORide agent telling you that he’s at your present location.

That’s all about ORide motorbike hailing. I think you are okay with the info provided

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