Ready-Made Or Tailor-Made: Which is best?

Ready-Made Or Tailor-Made:

When you go through social media most especially Instagram or watch a few corporate shows on TV, you find male and females individuals smartly dressed, you begin to appreciate their mode of dressing and next thing your thoughts are like, ‘I want that outfit’.

So, with all happiness, you begin to find out the price of the outfit and nearly have a heart attack when you find out the amount. Mmhmm…that is what a Ready-Made style can do to you.

Here is another scenario . How about you take a picture of that outfit to ‘Mummy Teni’ at Lagos island or ‘Afeeze’ around where you stay, with your choice material to make that exact outfit with even more details?
This is exactly where the saying ‘Cut your coat according to your size’ actually chips in. Designer clothes are great but what about efficient tailors? Are they only good for Ankara and Lace materials? Finding out what works best for you and your pocket is the key.

The Pros And Cons Of Ready-Made

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  • The clothes are made by top designers.  So, when you wear it, you can boast of wearing a popular designer’s outfit.
  • The clothes are properly made with guarantees and long-lasting durability.


  • They are obviously very expensive. So, unless you are rich or your father is wealthy, like Adenuga, Dangote or you know someone who is rich… then getting those costly apparels isn’t something you should go for.
  • They are not readily available. Most often than not, a renowned designer’s outfit are usually sold out.

The Pros And Cons Of Tailor-Made

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  • They are cheap. If the original outfit cost N40,000. Your local tailor can make it for N6,000.
  • You get to wear a unique style, and no one will be the wiser.
  • Because it’s tailor-made for you, the outfit is made to fit your body perfectly.


  • Your tailor could botch the whole thing, making an opposite of what you wanted.
  • You are not wearing the original.

A good tailor will advise you and sew the garment according to your preferences and will realize a garment that fits perfectly to your body. So, if you do not care for the designer’s name branded on your outfit and the price difference, then tailor-made clothes just for you.

Ready-made or Tailor-made? Let’s know your preference in the comment section below.

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