Samsung 24 inch LED TV

Samsung 24 inch LED TV price in Nigeria.

Is your TV capable of doing what this Samsung 24 inch LED TV does? As a lover of stylish, sleek, compact Electronic gadgets and accessories.

This Samsung 24 inch LED TV is just perfect for you. You might have surfed the Internet trying to find a store where you can purchase an electronic TV.

You’re in the right place. With just about the right compactness for your home or office space and budget, this article would provide you with all you need.

Is something in you telling you that you shouldn’t buy any product apart from Samsung?

Perhaps you have enjoyed their products previously and you wouldn’t want anything apart from a Samsung, then perfect!


Samsung 24 inch LED TV

In case, you are the type that loves to plan and you have been thinking of the price, look no further.

This review would help you understand all you need to know about the current Samsung 24 inches LED TV and buying guide.

This review would also include pictures and description to help you appreciate the Samsung 24  inches LED TV Price in Nigeria.

Let’s go into finding out all about the Samsung 24 inches LED TV Price in Nigeria.

Where to Buy Samsung 24 inch LED TV in Nigeria?

Samsung TVs can be bought from the local manufacturer or its chain of distributors in Nigeria.

They have a massive product catalog and their products can be purchased from online shopping stores, such as thebestpriceng or our partners Jumia, and Konga.

Samsung 24 inch LED TV

The Samsung UA24H4003 24 inches LED TV is the available model of that unit in Nigeria.

In a nutshell, it  is a very resolution-heavy device, offering a 24-inch display with 1366 x 768 resolution.

It also has one HDMI and USB ports, respectively. It features a bright screen and good sound quality as well.

Samsung 24 inch LED TV price in Nigeria.

The price of the Samsung 24 inch LED TV in Nigeria might fluctuate due to certain economic indices that affect importation costs.

However for a relatively stable number of years the Samsung 24 inch LED TV has maintained a price range of between N27, 000 – 45, 000 in online and offline Nigerian distribution outlets.

Think it might be such a profitable investment or you feel it might be too burdensome on your spending budget?

Descriptions of the Samsung 24 inch LED TV.

Samsung 24 inch LED TV Technical Specifications;

  • Colours: Black.
  • Resolution: 720p HD.
  • Display Features: HD.
  • Display Technology: LED.
  • TV Screen size: 24 inches.
  • Television Screen Type: Flat.
  • Television Refresh Rate: 120 Hz.
  • Television 3D Technology: No Glasses.
  • Intended Display Use: Home Entertainment.

The Samsung 24 inch LED TV has a power saving technology.

It is among the elite of Higher Definition Televisions in Nigeria, no doubt due to Samsung’s strong reputation as a leader in the TV manufacturing industry in Nigeria.

The Samsung 24 inch LED TV is an energy efficient device with inbuilt surge save feature.

It also crystal clear picture and sound production.     

Samsung 24 inch LED TV

The Samsung 24 inch LED TV is a reliable, high quality and durable device. 

Make this product a source of joy and entertainment in your homes or  offices and school-media spaces.         

Additional buyer information – Samsung 24 inch LED TV.

  • USB X 1.
  • HDMI x 1.
  • RF IN X 1.
  • HD  Flat Panel TV.
  • Power surge save plus.
  • 24 inch screen display.
  • 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty.
Samsung 24 inch LED TV

Price Fluctuation AnalysisSamsung 24 inch LED TV.

It is imperative to note that the fluctuations in price rate are directly impacted by the current exchange rate.

As at the time of this article, the naira is exchanging for over 350 Naira per dollar.

Also, during festive periods, these prices shoot up.

It is expected that a lot of people would be on holidays and have huge bonuses for spending on electronic gadgets.

So, in our part of the world increasing prices during these times are a common feature.

Then, the issue of hoarding is also included here.

Sometimes the middlemen create an artificial scarcity when they predict a crash in the naira to dollar exchange rate.

This is so they can actually sell at a higher rate than what they should originally sell it for.

So when do I buy the Samsung 24 inch LED TV ?

It’s important to always have a mini savings plan for this device.

Apart from buying with the mindset that it could be 25 percent higher than what you predict, you can also take good opportunity of discount sales, such as Festive sales, Happy Hour flash sales, and Black Friday sales.

A good opportunity is the annual thebestpriceng, Jumia and Konga Black Friday sales. This gadget could go as low as N20000.

What You Should Expect From Buying The Samsung 24 inch LED TV?

So, we have given you an overview of what this compact device does. But here is why you should purchase it.

Affordability-Quality Ratio:

The price of the Samsung 24 inch LED TV selling in Nigeria is among the lowest TV prices going for quality LED Televisions in the country.

It has a very balanced colour display technology. So, whether you want to watch a cooking show, a football game or a movie, this Television would always maximise the colour sharpness and texture for you.

It is like a mini-cinema screen. All at a 30, 000 – 45, 000 price window.

Longevity and Durability:

As typical with all Samsung products, the 24 inches LED TV comes with a unique lifespan.

This is for no other reason for its amazing build up that makes it withstand the test of time, without developing faults.

With proper usage and maintenance, as basic as just wiping dust off it and turning it off when not in use, this TV can last as long as 30 years before it even begins to give any issues.


Samsung is one of the few brands that offer customer-centric warranties.

You can get up to one year post-purchase warranty, if you buy from a licensed distributor, such as thebestpriceng, Konga or Jumia or any offline store.

This shows that the company is very confident in their product and that is a green flag for any consumer in purchasing an electronic gadget with peace of mind.

Samsung 24 Specs – Samsung 24 inch LED TV:

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Model24 Inch LED Full HD TV (LS24E310HL)
Model NameLS24E310HL
Display Size24 inch
Screen TypeLED
Features FormatSmart
HD TechnologyFull HD
ResolutionFull HD



Prices of Other Samsung TVs:

  • Samsung 20 inches LED TV ranges from NGN 27,000 to NGN35, 000
  • Samsung 26 inches LED TV ranges from NGN 43,000 to N52, 000
  • Samsung 32 inches Ultra HD TV ranges from NGN73, 000 to 100, 000
  • Samsung 43 inches LED TV ranges from N94, 000 to 120, 000
  • Samsung 49 inches LED Curved TV ranges from NGN460, 000 to 650, 000
  • Samsung 50 inches Ultra HD TV ranges from NGN 300, 000 TO 350, 000

Samsung 32 inches Ultra HD TV:

Samsung 24 inch LED TV
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Samsung 50 inches Ultra HD TV:

Samsung 50 inches Ultra HD TV
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Conclusion on Samsung 24 inch LED TV price in Nigeria.

Samsung 24-inch LED TVs are an excellent choice for home or tight knit office spaces.

The Samsung 24-inch LED TV offers clear and colourful pictures with a high resolution and impressive viewing angles.

Its prices fluctuate, over time, due to economic indices such as the unstable naira-dollar exchange rate.

However, the prices have stabled over the past years to fall between a range of NGN27,000 to NGN 45, 000, depending on the store it is being purchased from.

It can be bought at thebestpriceng, Jumia, Konga or Samsung retail outlets in the country.

Are there alternate prices to the Samsung 24 inches LED TV in Nigeria? If you are certain, feel free to correct us.

Kindly drop it using our comment box.

What are your thoughts on these Samsung 24 inch LED TV reviews? Don’t forget to share with friends and family!

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Samsung 24 inch LED TV
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