samsung portable air conditioner

Samsung portable air conditioner review.

Imagine having a portable air conditioner in a very stuffy room. The Samsung Portable Air Conditioner is another step in the tech giant’s journey, to create unique customer-value centric products that can stand the test of time.

Launching the “Coolpresso” air cooler, is projects that the Samsung brand is aimed at creating products that have high efficiency with maximum savings benefit from not subscribing to alternatives.

Check this out: you want to go on a picnic and the weather is hot. You need to enjoy the sun, but you need to care for your skin too the Samsung Portable Air Conditioner is just perfect for you.

With its superb of 6.5. kilogramme weight, Coolpresso allows you to easily pack it and you’d still be travelling light.

Asides its premium portability, it’s a very energy efficient machinery. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, you can be rest assured that the Samsung portable air conditioner would not consume more energy than two electric fans, but it does the work of ten.

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samsung portable air conditioner

That’s just the iceberg’s tip. Samsung Portable Air Conditioner boosts the user experience feature of this Coolpresso by adding a mini digital inverter compressor to enable it operate with the barest noise-minimum.

The only seemingly difficulty with the Samsung Portable Air Conditioner is that it works with direct current and would require you to use an electric plug.

This device boasts of consistency performance. It’s an household product that you are sure to worry less of maintenance costs.

It is designed to save your money with its low energy consumption and unique compressor technology.

How durable is the Samsung Portable Air Conditioner?

Lifespan? Give this Samsung Air Conditioner ten years and it would still feel brand new.

Why? This is because Samsung aims to deliver cutting-edge innovations that would retain their leadership position on the market board of global tech manufacturing companies.

The brand name has been built for a very long time in the electronics market and they don’t joke with that name at all.

samsung portable air conditioner

I digress a bit, but why do you really need a wall air conditioner that you have to call a handyman to install and maintain in a fixed portion of your residence or office and automatically disenfranchise all other areas of your home or work space from receiving premium happiness-centric atmosphere of 10 degrees celsius or less?

If you’re a mobile person, or even if you’re a 9-5’er, the Samsung Portable Air Conditioner is your unique mobile air conditioning experience that would surely take the sweats out of your face and your pockets.

It is a utility-friendly purchase. A 9/10 rating is worth it.

User Experience Specifications.

Powerful Cooling :

The Samsung Portable Air Conditioner is significantly equipped with a two-step cooling operation. This makes it to perform in significant comparison to walled air conditioning systems.

It also flexes a Turbo and a Blowing Operation as well, which collectively increases its efficiency rate.

It acts like a string of fans operating at highest speed, and it guarantees a cool environment within ten minutes of switching it on. That’s definitely a record performance production timeline.

samsung portable air conditioner

Energy Efficient :

The Samsung Portable Air Conditioner flexes a lightweight consumption rate of 100 – 240 V. It operates with a 120W Power Adapter.

This unit is guaranteed to give you efficient savings on power consumption while still maximizing its processing to bring you the coolest air possible. This is akin to squeezing water out of stone, or, in this case, Air.

Ease of Mobility :

The Samsung Portable Air Conditioner trademarks a 6.4/6.5Kg overall item weight, and a body size of (W x H x D) : 191 x 534 x 263 millimetres.

These features also enables it to be easily carried out and situated at office spaces, home environment, outdoor spaces like trading centres, picnic grounds, provided there is source for direct current power supply.

It’s a very boot-friendly unit that makes it an A-1 on the mobility scorecard.

Noiseless :

Generating the barest minimum (Average of 7db) decibels at it’s highest cooling point, this Samsung Portable Air Conditioner comes with a refined noise reduction feature that leaves it performing in its optimal state but with lowest noise generation.

So, you can place it by your bedside and never have to worry about having your nap disturbed. It’s a home friendly feature.

Virus Cancellation :

The Samsung Portable Air Conditioner is equipped with a virus cancellation feature that enables the unit to filter out a broad range of viruses in the air, and leave you breathing in cleaner and healthier air.

It acts as a virus doctor, because this unit was created with maximizing the user experience rather than profit gains. It also comes with a fine filter to prevent regular dust and particles from being respirated in the air.

Aesthetics :

The Samsung Portable Air Conditioner is designed with a bucket-style, giving it a firm ergonomic grip on its handle, to boost performance while maintaining attractiveness.

The unit comes in variants of White and Blue Cosmo, still retaining the brand image of the tech giant, Samsung. It also is built with an LED display type, giving it that standard modern aesthetic

samsung portable air conditioner

appeal that are common with Samsung Products. It’s a household item that’s dedicated to blend in with a host of furniture and boost the overall aesthetic feel of your home or work space.

With its touch-type buttons, you can definitely have the intimate feel of having a device that understands you and can communicate with you, just like c3po of Star Wars.

Although this is abstract and non-functional, it still is the type of intimacy it generates.

How much is the Samsung Portable Air Conditioner?

It’s a good news to know that the Samsung Portable Air Conditioner is very affordable for everyone. Below are the prices of the Samsung Portable Air Conditioner;

Samsung Portable Air Conditioner:

Check for the Best Price on Jumia.

Product Specifications:

  • efficient.
  • slim design.
  • 3 speed air control.
  • wheels for mobility.
  • noiseless functioning.


  • Very durable.
  • Light weight.


  • Need a power source before use.

Rico Tower Fan Air Cooler Blows Up To 25feet Strong Air:

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Product Specifications:

  • Material: ABS Plastics.
  • Color: Blue white.
  • Power: 70W.
  • Voltage: 220V 50Hz.
  • Noise Level: < 60dB.
  • Water Tank Capacity: 4L.
  • Wind Speed: High, Middle, Low 3 Speed.
  • Operation Model: Mechanical.


  • High quality cooling.


  • Need a power source to connect to.

For Smart operations, the Samsung Portable Air Conditioner also flexes an Automatic Swing (Left or Right), enabling it to maximise the cooling scope to all corners of the room.

It comes with a 1hr Off Timer, which can be useful in many ways, especially if you’re the type that doesn’t like to get too cold, or if you leave your appliances on when you’re not around.

It helps to save power, and it can be set to operate in this function. The Samsung Portable Air Conditioner also has a water alert system that is used to detect water leaks in an environment.

Is the Samsung Portable Air Conditioner expensive to maintain?

In the aspect of low maintenance the Samsung Portable Air Conditioner, like most Samsung devices, comes with a significant shelf life of above 10 years. It is definitely one to give you less worry for repairs.

Have you ever used a Samsung Portable Air Conditioner before? If so, share your user experience with us in the comment section.

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samsung portable air conditioner

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