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Top 10 Adidas school bags in United Kingdom

Adidas did it again! these Adidas school bags are the wave of the moment. The brand has been so popular over time, though wrongly, said to be an acronym for All Day I Dream About Soccer.

Adidas who are masters in fashion also, creating clothes, accessories that are trendy and multi-functional. Also the same qualities you want from Adidas school bags are not left out in this article.

Your preference might be a bold Adidas logo on your next Adidas school bags, or a sleek, simpler look with the unique three stripes or an Adidas crest, there are a wide range of options available here.

Adidas always make their bags have good and perfect couching padding on the inside, which is very good at keeping your tech gadgets safe.

Another interesting factor about the Adidas school bags is that, they are very affordable with top notch quality it provides

You can get quality Adidas school bags for as low as $25 despite being as much a fashion statement as a means of transporting your stuff too.

Adidas also focuses on comfort, with padded shoulder straps, and the very roomy on the inside. Adidas bags offers over 40 liters of space inside, with most of its competitors bags offering about 25-35 liters.

For the type of Adidas school bags I have selected in this article, I have kept the price below $80 and bags available here have plenty of compartments.

Also if you have sweaty-back-syndrome, like most people do, a bit of breathing space and padding on the back of the bag should help, that’s precisely what Adidas offers.

I have selected the best Adidas school bags for students across with a wide range of prices, these school bags also have different unique styles, so you would definitely find something suitable for you here.

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Top 10 Adidas school bags in United Kingdom

Adidas Stadium II Backpack.

Awesome back pack! With so much storage. It’s clean and very light weight. Super comfortable to carry and have large mesh pocket located inside, big enough to store items you don’t want to get missing.

A multi-functional bag so perfect that it comes with dual water bottle pockets to hold extra items. Good quality and very durable.


  • Water resistant base.
  • Large Compartments.
  • 100 percent Polyester
  • Padded shoulder straps.
  • Dual water bottle pockets.


  • Slightly big.

Adidas Unisex Excel Insulated Lunch Bag.

If you looking for a perfect lunch park or a back pack to store baby foods, breast milk etc. This is just perfect for you.

This backpack is made of high quality 100% Polyester material. Its sizes are 12″ high and 7.5″ wide. The main compartment is large enough to fit in a lunch box, related items and preserves the temperature of items kept in it.


  • 100% Polyester.
  • Extremely Light weight.
  • Large Adidas logo branding.


  • None.

Adidas Originals Originals Trefoil Pocket Backpack.

This is a very durable backpack which you are going to love so much. It comes with two front pockets and has a computer pouch inside the main opening. A very large compartment also comes with this bag.

Like Adidas is know for sports, this backpack has plenty of storage, one which holds your laptop in a padded area, has mini pockets to store wallets, headphones, money and gym membership card, and very durable.

I am sure when you get this, you’ll highly recommend and give a five stars rating. It is indeed worth every penny.


  • Very durable.
  • Multi-functional bag.
  • Large Compartment.


  • None.

Adidas Classic 3S II Backpack.

This was a great bag to purchase for children in high school (back to school). A lovely backpack which gives just what you needed.

It’s lightweight, easy to move around between classes and keep in your locker. It has padding on the back and the shoulder straps as well as a side pocket to hold your water bottle.

It’s a great size and fits school books, pencil case, lunch bag, library books, gym shoes and there is still room for more.


  • Very roomy.
  • Great daily backpack.


  • None.

Adidas Unisex Tour Tennis 12 Racket Bag.

A very nice roomy bag, with great quality material. Its a multi-functional bag and is perfect for your tennis sports.

It has very nice terry lined small zippered center pocket just underneath the center carrying handle for things like a phone,camera,wallet,sun glasses.

This is a good looking bag at a great price, you’ll absolutely love this bag as it’s just what you needed.

This bag has the capacity to carry 6 Rackets, Canon cameras, tripod and other personal stuffs and you’ll still have more room to spare.

A perfect buy!


  • Very roomy.
  • Shoulder straps.
  • Racket Compartments.
  • Very durable backpacks.


  • None.

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Adidas Court Lite Backpack Backpack.

This is a lovely backpack with an amazing color, very durable, great quality and good size. A perfect gift for your niece, daughter and granddaughter.

It has enough room enough to carry what you’ll need without it being too big for you size. An amazing buy.


  • Very roomy.
  • Attractive color.


  • No side pockets.

Adidas Unisex Creator Backpack (Little Kids/Big Kids)

This bag comes exactly how it looks. The fabric is top quality and would fit every of your needs.

Its very spacious in its compartments and accommodates every of your items.

It comes with attractive colors which would give you the confident of an Adidas bag you need.


  • Very roomy.
  • Quality fabric.
  • Extra side pockets.
  • Extremely affordable.


  • None

These products are selected based on our experts’ review, customer feedback and knowledge of the most reputable brands. I can assure you these bags are worth purchasing and very durable.

I am sure this guide would help you pick through the choices available to available in this article.

Remember to always visit regularly as we update our list regularly for more trendy and multi-functional Adidas school bags.

Do you have an Adidas school bag? Share with us your experience in the comment session.

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