Top 10 Online Jobs In Nigeria You Can Do From Home (2019)

Online Jobs in Nigeria has been a trend for sometime now especially given the state of our economy, the high rate of unemployment has further encouraged youths to find other sources of income, one of the major source in 2019 is online jobs which can be done from the convenience of your home with little to no capital.

Today we’ll be going over the top 10 Online Jobs In Nigeria 2019 that anybody can do from home.

But first:

Why Should You consider Starting An Online Job In Nigeria?

Fast online jobs in Nigeria that anyone can do from home (2019)

Currently the Nigerian economy is really bad, a lot of companies are closing and even giving out more sack letters just to prevent bankruptcy.

Depending on online jobs in Nigeria this 2019 will not only help you feel more secure but will serve as your secondary source of income; if your monthly salary is 50k then making an extra 20k just by putting in a few hours everyday will surely make a difference in your life.


Also as a university student, Online Jobs In Nigeria can serve as a source of personal income instead of always depending on your parents for money.

Starting and maintaining online businesses or jobs doesn’t take much capital. Most of the time you’ll be using your smartphone for a lot of tasks and sometimes a system with cheap internet data.

Top 10 Online Jobs In Nigeria Anybody Can Do From Home

These are the major online Jobs in Nigeria For 2019

  1. Starting A Blog
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Learn Programming
  4. Freelancing
  5. Make YouTube Videos
  6. Get Paid To Search
  7. Data Entry Jobs
  8. Completing Surveys in Survey Websites
  9. Blog / Web Design
  10. Virtual Assistant


1. Start A Blog


Top 10 Online Jobs In Nigeria You Can Do From Home (2019)

Blogging is the number 1 source of employment for youths in Nigeria currently, i have two blogs currently and i earn fairly well with the effort i put in weekly.

You can start a Blog with as low as N5,000 for a whole year, its not hard to start or expensive to maintain. The success of a blog however, depends on you, your passion and the Niche that you chose.

Some Successful Blogs in Nigeria are LindaIkeji’s Blog & Naijaloaded in the Entertainment Niche.

If you would like to create a Blog today visit this post: How to get started blogging in nigeria 2019



2. Affiliate marketing


Affiliate Marketing deals with selling or advertising a brands products and earning commission for each purchase. This is one of the most common Online Jobs In Nigeria, sometime companies might have a hard time selling one or two of their products and end up giving up a certain percent commission if anybody can direct a sale for them.

the most common Affiliate Marketing scheme in Nigeria is Jumia Affiliate Marketing but they’re others like

Amazon Associates & eBay Partners.


3. Learn A Programming Language

Top 10 Online Jobs In Nigeria You Can Do From Home (2019)

This point is one of my favorites, i learnt how to program in several languages and its a skill am using along side writing blog posts.

I create simple apps and monetize them with Admob which is an ad company that pays you for showing adverts on your app.

You can learn programming for different purposes and finding an online Job In Nigeria for programming is fairly easy, specially in Nigeria because a lot of companies are currently in need of skilled programmers.

FreeCodeCamp is a free way to learn coding, you can also try W3schools

You can also find Remote jobs in sites like Freelancer and Indeed.



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4. Freelancing

Freelancing is all about outsourcing your skills in a particular field to companies or individuals in need without any need for employment. Its like being your own agency and best part is you can work from home.

For example, if your a good Yoruba speaker that also understands English, on sites like you can find tons of translation jobs and many many more.

Here some you can check out and start with today;


5. Make Money From YouTube Videos

This option is for anybody particularly skilled at one aspect or subject, starting a YouTube channel can be a huge source of income for you in the long run and doesn’t require much capital to start.

All you need is a camera, a good microphone and a laptop.

You Can Make videos about anything (Legal) and make money from it via YouTube Adsense which is just “Google” showing ads to people watching videos and paying you a percentage of the money back.

if you would like to start just visit YouTube and create an account then search for a tutorial video; “How to start a YouTube Channel” and you’ll get a walk-through.



6. Get Paid To Search

Fast online jobs in Nigeria that anyone can do from home (2019)

While this isn’t a sure way to earn lots of money, over time your earnings begins to pile up.

instead of using google to search and gain nothing from them, their are other search engines out there willing to pay you for each search.



Some Good Examples are;

These are just few of the popular ones, their are lots of them. if you would like more visit this post: Get Paid To Search.

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7. Data Entry Jobs

First off, data entry is all about arranging unorganized bulk of data by typing them into a system, this is one of the most common ways to earn money from home in Nigeria.

Finding a data entry job in Nigeria can be quite hard so I’ve compiled a list of sites where you can get Data Entry Jobs immediately they are requested for.




8. Completing Online Survey

Surveys are like questionnaires which people are paid to fill up, it consist of simple to answer questions which usually takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete.

The lengthier the Survey, the more you will earn per survey and they are very easy to complete.

This isn’t going to give you millions overnight but you can take it as your part time hobby, when ever you have free time even with your phone you can complete offers and make cash while resting back.

Below I’ve listed out some of the most prominent ones this 2019.


9.Blog / Web Design Services

You can easily learn how to build different kinds of website from YouTube and practice at it till your very good.

this is one of the online Jobs In Nigeria that is guaranteed to yield a lot of cash.

They’re a lot of companies looking for people who can design a site for them. Another thing you could do is learn how to setup blogs in different platforms; WordPress, blogger etc.

You can use platform like Upwork, Airrtasker, Fiverr or Linkedin to find companies and individuals in need of website or you could write a proposal and give to nearby companies.

You can learn how to become a website designer here.


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10. Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is all about working and representing a company but remotely i.e MTN customer care service.

Most of the times you answer customer questions and perform medium to simple task over the phone or laptop, the best part is that you can work from home or anywhere your comfortable with.

You get paid per hour, weekly or monthly depending on agreement. How much you will be paid depends on your profile and who you work for.

There are many website you can search for Virtual Assistant jobs, they include: Upwork, Remote, Freelancer, LinkedIn and more.


Their are a lot more Online Jobs in Nigeria, I’ve only been able to mention but a few, i hope and wish you good luck in whichever of these you end up going with.

Thanks For Reading.

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