Akai water dispenser

Akai water dispenser with fridge Review.

Water is LIFE! Akai water dispenser with fridge is your unusual water dispenser that comes with three taps button for your regular, cold and hot water.

A water dispenser is necessary for every home, office, eatery, hotels, schools and other public places. The Akai water dispenser comes with a stainless steel water tank which is anti-rust and has an automatic temperature control for hot and cold water.

This Akai water dispenser also has a 16 litre fridge that comes with a compressor cooling system.

Akai water dispenser is so comfortable to use that at the press of the tap button you’re ready to make your early morning tea or coffee at the control of temperature that suit you.

As it dispenses your water with automatic temperature control hot or cold water, plugged to a stabilizer or wall socket, it is so easy to differentiate between “Hot, Cold and Normal water temperature”on the three tap buttons when you ready to press.

Akai water dispenser is sure to offer you quality clean drinking water that satisfies and quench your thirst. As its processing system which is inbuilt was manufactured to detect and filter any impurities found int your water.

Akai water dispenser
Akai water dispenser

Akai water dispenser is indeed necessary for the home, office, events or any other space, as staying health and hydrated by drinking clean water is highly recommended by health officials.

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Another important factor to consider when drinking water is the condition the water is in. If you are cautious of the type of water to drink and thirst for water in any of it’s available condition, cold water or hot water and not having access to it, you should consider getting yourself an Akai water dispenser with fridge.

It’s so simple to use that all you need do is plug the dispenser to a wall socket or stabilizer and you can get cold and hot water anytime you ready to have your drink.

Available in this article, you’ll see other water dispenser which can serve your personal purpose.

Akai water dispenser with fridge Review.

Akai water dispenser
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Product Specifications:

Type of dispenser Top Loading Water Dispenser.
Power Supply220-240 Volts.
Power Consumption630 Watts.
Number of Taps3.
Number of Fridge1.
Sterilization protectionYes
Area of Use Dining Room|Bedroom|Kitchen|Home Office.
CertificationsEco Friendly.
ColorAvailable in White and Silver.
Akai water dispenser with fridge Review


  • Very portable.
  • Does not shock.
  • Comes with 3 taps.
  • Does not consume much power.


  • None.

Majority of the water dispensers available in the market now comes with two taps, this is what makes the Akai water dispenser stands out. The Fridge and three taps are located in the front of the dispenser.

Asides dispensing just hot and cold water, the Akai water dispenser tap also has the last tap for water kept at normal temperature.

To ensure you get clean water from any one of the taps, the dispenser has a water processing system fitted with sterilization protection. That is an advantage in buying this water dispenser, as is’s being designed with toxic-proof materials.

It also has a heating element which is used to raise the temperature of the water. As earlier stated a small fridge is included in the setup for the cooling process.

Other water dispensers include;

Nexus Water Dispenser NX-016

Akai water dispenser
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Nexus Water Dispenser is a very special and affordable dispenser available in variety of color option to fit whatever space you decide to put it.

Like other dispensers, its supplies you with both hot and cold water at the same time. It has an auto temperature control function, which regulates what ever temperature of drink you want.

It is made of high quality plastic and steel water tanks. Also a processing system which filters bacteria or impurities, in the tank which is expected to keep water safer for longer longer periods.

Polystar Water Dispenser

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This rugged, well-designed Polystar water dispenser comes with double door design, fridge for cooling items and a freezer for long preservation of perishable items and for making ice block.

It also comes with a water collector to prevent spilling of water that will make your environment messy. What more can you ask for, this is a complete all-in-one water dispenser that every home or office needs.


  • Double door design.
  • Comes with fridge section.
  • Comes with freezer section.
  • Water collector to prevent spilling.
  • Low energy consumption.


  • A little heavy.

Scanfrost Water Dispenser

Akai water dispenser
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Efficiently dispensing hot or cold water, this Water Dispenser by Scanfrost comes in a compact design; a functional and stylish addition to homes and offices.

Scanfrost has been serving Nigeria for over 30 years and is known for its durability and great after sales services. Historically, the brand is known for its chest freezers and display coolers.

Scanfrost extended its product portfolio to a range of household appliances including cookers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, while strengthening existing portfolio.

Today the Scanfrost brand is now recognized as a leading home appliance brand, providing top range solutions at affordable prices.


  • Stylish Exterior
  • Premium quality


  • None.

cway water dispenser

Akai water dispenser
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Cway water dispenser is a revolutionary way of drinking water, the new improved Cway water Dispenser has a Two way dispensing outlet that dispenses hot and cold water, It has double doors, a fridge/freezer in the below, it has a water collector and a replaceable puncture pencil.

It has automatic temperature control mechanism as well as an energy saving mechanism. Get your drinking water through a guaranteed source as well as save money.

CWAY Water has been committed to providing clean hygienic water and innovative water dispensers with accessories and technology that supports healthy water drinking habit for all.


  • Freezer.
  • Water collector.
  • Hot/Cold water Dispenser.
  • Replacement Pencil.


  • None.

The dispensing buttons are very easy to press. Overall, the Akai water dispenser unit is durable and promises to serve you for a long time.

What are your thoughts on the Akai water dispenser with fridge Review?
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Akai water dispenser
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