An idea of how much employees earn in tech companies like Facebook and Google

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Tech companies like Google

along side giants like Facebook and Microsoft are in no doubt dominating the world when it comes to technology.

A recent survey done by Comparably, a career analyzer, across 50,000 employees has revealed that these are top tech companies to work with based on factors like good pay to employees, satisfaction level with benefits, raises and likewise.

The findings reveal that the median estimated salary, including bonus, is more than  $134,000(48,575,000.00 NGN) a year. This will sure leave you wondering what would be the salary of employees working at Google and similar tech companies.

A report from Wired states that the median pay at Google’s mother company Alphabet rose 25 % from last year to $6.6 billion, sales and marketing expenses were up 20% at $4.6 billion. This is the biggest increase among a dozen of tech companies. About this report, Google in 2017 paid only half of their typical awards. The employee compensation increased when the company resumed these “full-size awards” last year. The Comparably report shows that the highest-paid position at Google is the director of finance who is paid at  $600,000 (217,500,000.00 NGN) a year.


recently seems to be struggling with new recruits as the company faced several crises last year. The company’s median pay to employees fell 5% from $248,430 (90,055,875.00 NGN) to $228,651(82,885,987.50 NGN) this year.

The median employee pay of tech companies like Twitter, Square, Workday, and Nvidia each in 2018 surpassed $150,000(54,375,000.00 NGN) each.

The law to report median pay by the companies was introduced to highlight the income disparity and highlight corporate excess. While the other companies have reporting their median pay since last year, this would be the second time that the tech companies have reported their median pay. The figures not just reveal some of the highest-paid positions in the company but also reflect on the reduced pay of thousands of workers to a single digit.

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