Used Phone Business Plan: How to Sell UK phones in Nigeria

In this guide I’ll be giving you my best guide on how to start uk used phone business in nigeria and where exactly you can buy your Uk used phone from (wholesale)

But before we dive into the main subject I’d like to make you clear of what UK used phones are and what it entails.

What Is Uk Used Phone?

As the name implies, these are phones that has already been used by white people in abroad and ship down to Nigeria at a lower amount.

This phones are normally 90% tested and okay. Which means they are not a faulty phones.

Did you know why oyinbo people always dump out UK used phone to Nigeria? It is because the White people don’t like outdated phones and if any of their phone has a slight fault, they don’t repair it. They often dump it out.

How Uk Used Phone Business Begun

Don’t you know you need to know how UK used phone business begun in Nigeria/Ghana? It really worth it.

During President Obasanjo regime when the introduction of mobile phone was launched in Nigeria,

How To Start UK Used Phone Business

Here are all what you need to start UK used phone Business in Nigeria/Ghana:

  1. Plan Your Business
  2. Source Your Start-up Capital
  3. Look For Where To Buy From
  4. Rent A Shop
  5. Start Selling Phone In Nigeria
  6. Build Up Your Brand
  7. Start Making Money Doing This Business.

#1. Plan Your Uk Used Phone Business

Before you start any business generally, it is very important to plan it well so that you won’t regret venture into it.

A well planned business is a type that fetch good cash and make the investor popular among the competitors.

How To Plan Uk Used Phone Business

Did you know there are many people selling UK used phone in Nigeria? So If you really plan your own business you’ll sure build a Good brand.

Below are what you should firstly consider before setting up fairly used phone business in Nigeria:

  • What type of phone do i want to be selling.
  • How much do i need to setup up this business
  • Should I rent shop first or what to do.
What Types Of UK used Phone Sell Fast In Market

Did you know the best phones that sell fast in Nigeria now is Android Phone and iOS.

But you still need to know the type of android smartphone you should invest in and what type of iPhone sell fast.

Best Uk Used Android Smart Phone 2019

If you’d like to trade android smartphone, then go for the best or average one.

Because research shows that out of the fairly or UK used phone been imported to Nigeria, 74% are with Android version 4.0 upward while the rest are of low standard to the latest requirements.

So if you’re buying wholesales of Uk used phone for the first time, make sure you don’t buy any android phone with less than 5.0 android version if you don’t want to be using your phone yourself.

I hope you really get it? You can start from Techno mobile, Samsung, Gionee, Itel, and many other popular smartphone around your community.

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Best UK used iPhone to sell in Nigeria

I won’t advise you to start selling iPhone because of the following reasons:

  • IPhone is expensive and not everyone can afford one.
  • The company update versions yearly, which render the initial ones as low standard.
  • IPhone parts are very expensive and the battery are not really strong except of iPhone 7 and above.

But as an entrepreneur, you would need to take the risk and start from buying small quantity to test if the sales will come.

Do you know what? If you could sell those ones you firstly buy successfully then you can proceed to order new stock.

Don’t ever buy UK used iPhone 1,2,3,4, even 5 in this 2019 because no one will buy it from you as they have become outdated.

How Much Do I Need To Startup This UK Used Phone Business In Nigeria?

Do you even know how much to start UK used phone business in Nigeria? Though the start-up capital depends on your target and how you planned it.

But as a business analyst, 500k is not bad as a start. That’s if you don’t have shop yet! Because apart from making order, you also need to do some little stuff before the arrival of your goods.

You need to get your business registered, print receipt, rent a shop, and many other things you think would help you.

If you’re a type with Good start-up capital, you can budget up to 1M or above. Then do your research on how to start UK Used Phone Business In Nigeria from those already doing that business.

Should I Rent Shop First Or What To Do?

You know what? All depends on your start-up capital, but the best way to start is by having your show glass to display what you are selling.

Always ensure to locate your shop at a popular phone district or else you might be losing out on sales.

Those with up to 1M and above start-up capital can go ahead to rent a shop to make things professional.

#2. Source Your Start-up Capital To Start Uk Used Phone Business In Nigeria

I understand the fact that some people don’t have startup capital to start this UK used phone business but that should never be your main problem. Why?

It’s because I’ll be giving a clue on how to source out your start-up capital.

Normally the best thing is to get set the startup capital before even planning to start selling UK used phone.

Meanwhile there are some online business that requirs no or little start-up capital which you can quickly do to reap up the money to start UK used phone business in Nigeria.

You can check this link for the list of online business you can start with little or no capital that pay fast.

#3. Look For Where To Buy From

After realizing your capital, the next thing of action is to look for a reliable place to buy UK used phone from.

According to the expert in this game, I was able to gathered that there are some places in Nigeria in which you can buy in wholesales Price.


This is a china procurement company that always helps to purchase products, except
ammunitions and livestock.

order for our pdf guide, where we will be revealing the secrete places you can buy at a cheaper price.

#4. Find a Good Location

A good location could be the difference between a successful small business in Nigeria & a failed one, its a wise idea to always get a place closer to the kind of audience for your niche i.e Food restaurant near an Office or school, its common sense.

People cherish accessibility more than anything else, no matter how good your business products are, if they are not accessible then you wont make any tangible income.

The best place to situate your uk used phone business shop are challenges, post office, students area and so on.

#5. Start Selling Uk Used Phone in Nigeria

uk used phone business

Once you’ve get everything set, the next of action is to start selling your uk used phone and start making cool money.

Don’t forget to always issue a receipt to all your customers. this won’t only save you from a criminal case, it will also save as advertising medium.

#6. Build up your Uk used phone business in Nigeria

There are many ways in which you can build up your UK Used phone business in Nigeria, but today i’ll be giving you 4 best ways which are:

  1. Facebook ads
  2. Twitter ads
  3. Instagram ads
  4. Online forum and many more.

To know more about all these, kindly visit this post on how to build up a brand from scratch.

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What are your thoughts on this guide that explained in details how to start UK used phone business in Nigeria/Ghana? Don’t forget to share out to other interested friends and family!

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